‘Intrinsic insincerity’ is the best description of Cunliffe’s problem with voters

Charles Krauthammer explains what the problem is for Hillary Clinton with American voters.

His comments are also valid for David Cunliffe.

Hillary Clinton is just flat-out unlikable. From complete tone-deafness of important political issues (?What difference does it make??) to a demeanor that blatantly betrays a quality that puts her out-of-touch with middle America, Hillary is not only a disaster when it comes to policies; she?s a PR nightmare.[…]

On Tuesday, Fox News? Charles Krauthammer bluntly outlined exactly why Hillary is so unlikable: she is intrinsically insincere.

?The problem with Hillary Clinton that you see in this is her, sort of intrinsic insincerity,? Krauthammer said. ?She is continually crafting what she says, crafting what her position is going to be, crafting her conduct, to meet a certain perception.?

?And when you do that, day in and day out, either on a book tour or a campaign trail, or anywhere in public office, you trip up because you can?t remember the last confection, the last creation of yourself that you put together. Contrast it with a Ronald Reagan, who knew who he was, he didn?t have to think twice if he was asked about any issue when he spoke and he got it right because he was sincere in that way.?

Krauthammer is absolutely correct; beyond her policies, beyond her low moral character, Hillary is inherently unable to lead a nation because she, seemingly, lacks any real, true convictions.

David Cunliffe is so carefully crafted he doesn’t actually know the answer to any particular issue straight away.

How do I know this?

Watch how he repeats the question of interviewers first before answering. That is a basic tip for newbies in politics…start speaking, about anything, until you can get your thoughts lined up. Cunliffe does this by saying something like…”That is a good questions there Guyon, and if i understand you you are asking if…” he then repeats the question giving himself a few seconds to have lined up his thoughts and pre-prepared talking points…then you see a change come over over him and the crafted Cunliffe reappears.

We saw this crafted Cunliffe facade crumble terribly in The Press debate when he was blind sided by Key’s CGT question. he has never regained that composure.

Everything, including his family life, is crafted to present a view that he thinks voters like. But it is insincere and David Cunliffe is yet to master the art of faking sincerity. Consequently he comes across and fake, insincere and a bullshitter.

He doesn’t pass the blink test, and no real bloke?would contemplate sharing a beer with him and no woman dreams of shagging him. Shudders from both camps.

David Cunliffe is just like Hilary Clinton in so many respects.