Kelvin Davis’ Win In Te Tai Tokerau

As many readers will know a fair few people on the right wanted Kelvin Davis to win Te Tai Tokerau.

David Farrar and I even publicly donated money tot eh cause.

Kelvin is a good bloke, and from the right or sensible or non-gaggle or self serving wing of the Labour Party, and him winning was good for New Zealand politics.

The problem for Kelvin was that Labour kept tanking all our support.

Mathew Hooton wanted to organise a fundraiser for him. David Cunliffe and Tim Barnett said no. Others wanted to make some big donations to his campaign. Cunliffe and Barnett said no. They would have rather lost than let Kelvin receive support from people who weren?t died in the wool Labour supporters. ??

Josie Pagani reported last night that she tried to organise door knocking in Te Tai Tokerau and Tim Barnett and David Cunliffe said no.

Kelvin ran a good campaign and I knew he was going to win at the beginning of this week.

Te Tai Tokerau was always going to be won in West Auckland and Phil Twyford runs a good get out the vote operation.

Phil may be a bit boring but he is a good organiser.

On Monday Kelvin?s supporters on the right were still concerned about him not winning, so asked me to call John Tamihere?to see if some koha to help with voter turn out was needed.

JT reckoned they had it in hand, and they didn?t need the koha.

JT was right and New Zealand has got a good man in Kelvin Davis as MP for Te Tai Tokerau.