Has Kim Dotcom Pissed Away $4 million?

Where's my four miiiiilion dollars?

Where’s my four miiiiilion dollars?

Kim Dotcom has spent a small fortune on trying to tip out John Key.

It all looks like it is going to provide an absolutely terrible return.

National is still polling at levels before the campaign started, and the key part of any replacement government, Labour, is turning into a minor party.

Kim?s big problem is he picked a pack of perennial losers to give him political advice.?

The hard left lose.

They are proven losers, and they seem to revel in their losses.

Laila Harre is a proven loser.

Martyn Martin Bradbury will struggle to point to any success at winning any campaigns.

They are good at making a lot of noise and sounding self important but hopeless at winning.

Someone should have been telling Kim that the way to end Key?s political career was to reinforce Labour, not dream up a new looney left party.

A lazy four million to Labour would have given them a far better chance of winning, but Kim appears to be about as silly as Colin Craig when it comes to wasting money on losing political causes.

A sensible man without such a big ego would have worked out that a vanity project was never going to work, but splitting his four million between the Greens, Labour and Winston would have been a far better option.