Labour: Desolate, deluded and desperate

The Dance of the Desperates is about to begin, yet another leadership primary to decide who will replace the now drowned captain of the sinking ship Labour.

The desolation of the Labour party shows in the potential contenders for the race.

Speculation is now mounting that the contest won’t just be a race between the cardy wearing, beltway candidate , Grant Robertson and the narcissism of David Cunliffe.

First there are the truly deluded.

Andrew Little thinks the special votes will get him over the line in New Plymouth:

Former union boss Andrew Little did not rule out a tilt at the leadership, but pointed out that his return to the New Plymouth seat was still up in the air – it depends on special votes.

Yeah, that’s a nah for Little Andy. The election night results for New Plymouth show that he was spanked by more than 9000 votes by Jonathan Young. On top of that Labour lost the party vote by more than 12,000 votes. There is no way the specials can save Andrew Little and his claims of returning to a seat he has never held are simply deluded.

It is true that the specials might cost him his list spot in Labour though…perhaps that is what he meant.

From?the?deluded we get to the desperates:

Other names in the mix include former leader David Shearer, who regrets standing down a year ago and may have another shot.

Again that’s a Yeah, nah…does David Shearer really want more of this?

David Shearer - Dead Fish

He was set up by the grinning ninny sitting beside him, the same guy who wanted a coronation rather than a contest.

Grant Robertson is so afraid of losing he attempted to orchestrate a coronation. He sent Clayton Cosgrove around to bully others into submission and then tried to fake out Cunliffe.

One thing I’ve learned in politics is you can’t fake out a faker, they have years of experience in that game and Cunliffe is one of the best.

Robertson really has no legitimacy as leader, he may have won his seat but Labour came 3rd in the party vote in Wellington Central. He is just as desperate, but wanted the easy route.

Napier MP Stuart Nash earlier ruled out standing but would say yesterday only that he was not planning to contest the job “at this stage”. He was pressured to pull out by Robertson backers seeking to avoid a leadership run-off by playing the unity ticket. All bets are off now that the contest is back on.

Could Nash be the third candidate, the compromise candidate?

If he is he needs to grow some balls and stop prevaricating and play the dance of the seven veils. Will he, won’t he? Meh, get on with it. As Yoda would say, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

I do question whether or nor Stuart Nash has the stones to take a couple of heads should he become leader.

Heads must be taken, and as I wrote earlier I’ve suggest Moroney and Cosgrove. Lessons must be learned by the factions and heads on pikes always focuses the mind to the task at hand.

The upshot of all this though is it shows clearly the legacy of Helen Clark…a Decade of Dysfunction.


– reacy Watkins, Fairfax