Labour Still don’t have a Leadership Election Code of Conduct Online

Labour still do not have their leadership code of conduct online.

Not only that but unless you have the old constitution link you cannot get the constitution off their web site.

This is typical of a dysfunctional party that can?t get their act together.

I have?been calling for them to publish the code of conduct since the end of June, but Tim Barnett is too useless to get it online.

Maybe this is his attempt to patch protect and ensure that Cunliffe stays on as leader after he has tanked?Labour?s vote.

Meanwhile, as David Cunliffe continues to focus on transparency perhaps he’d like to reveal who his secret donors were…before I do.

Labour right now are heading for a hiding they can’t stop. ?

The Conservatives and NZ First are soaking up the spillage from Labour?s traditional electoral base.

Chris Trotter heralded this with a warning?contained in his now infamous ‘Waitakere Man‘ article for The Independent in 2009 ? five years ago.

Those centre left voters?may well be?gone forever now.

The Pasifika voters will be next…they are already departing.

It looks as though Labour?s days as a truly mass party ? on the scale of National ? are over.

By 2017 it?s possible that the Greens will attract roughly the same level of support as Labour.

A sad end for a once great party.

These administrative stuff ups are just the canaries in the mine for the Labour party, signalling a malaise that proper parties avoid.