Labour’s election campaign is slip, slidin’ away

The election is slip, slidin’ away from Labour.

They are approaching the territory of Bill English, expect a sudden collapse of their vote in this final week as people wake up to?the?fact that they can’t win.

Voters don’t vote for losers.For the same reason people leave early from a rugby match when their team is getting pasted the voters will abandon Labour.

National is urging its supporters not to split their vote as our latest poll confirms the minor parties are on the rise – and Labour continues to slump.

The poll signals a horror start to the final week of the campaign for Labour as its support slides to 22.4 per cent, putting it on track for an unprecedented trouncing.

It appears to have bled some support to the Greens, who are on 13 per cent. But most attention is around the seeming unstoppable rise of Winston Peters and NZ First.

At 22.4% party vote for Labour only David Parker would get back in on the list. Goodbye Clayton Cosgrove, Jacinda Ardern, and Andrew Little.

National is on 52.8 per cent in today’s poll but party insiders fear jockeying between the minor parties will see some supporters peel off to Winston Peters or Colin Craig to give National coalition options.

Prime Minister John Key has repeatedly warned supporters not to “second guess the polls” by splitting their vote. National will roll out new advertisements this week stressing the party vote message.

“They are making it clear . . . it’s not about Winston, it’s not about the Conservatives or the Greens,” one senior party source said.

The poll has NZ First on 4.4 per cent, but National’s own internal polling has Winston Peters at 7 per cent and other polls also have him higher, making it increasingly likely he will hold the balance of power.

The Conservatives are also up in today’s poll, to 3.6 per cent.

Fairfax/Ipsos poll - Spet 11, 2014

Fairfax/Ipsos poll – Spet 11, 2014