Labour’s Tony Milne Problem

The Labour Party has a really big problem.

It keeps selecting candidates that cannot win, even in seats that they should win.

The best example of this is Tony Milne in Christchurch Central.

Milne did the hard yards over the years, made all the right connections and was very, very close to former MP Tim Barnett.

The problem is that to win you actually need to be electable.

Milne was never electable. Unfortunately for Tony he has absolutely no presence. He is a midget that wears massive dark framed glasses and walks into a room and nobody notices him.

Check out Tony?s campaign video.

Candidates that can?t win votes are a disaster for Labour.

They may fit in the gaggle of gays or self serving unionist factions but they do not win votes. Being in the right faction never impresses the electorate, just as Christchurch Central weren?t impressed with Milne.

Yet Milne ran a technically competent campaign. Word in the electorate was that he did the hard yards but never really connected with voters in the same way Paul Goldsmith doesn?t connect with voters.

National?s Nicky Wagner is a formidable campaigner, and she deserved her win for the nine years of hard work she has put in as an MP. Nicky has a very different personality to Tony Milne, connecting easily with people and having a great presence. With the Christchurch Rebuild her electorate is going to have about 20,000 new voters in it next election, and most of these will be in expensive properties so it will become a safe National seat.

Labour need to look at the most important thing in winning votes, and that is having good candidates.

The party that bought us Sue Moroney, Darien Fenton, Maryan Street, Tony Milne and Claire Curran cannot expect to improve unless they start getting vote winners like Kelvin Davis, Stuart Nash and Peeni Henare running across the country.