A mobile coverage technical dilemma

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I have a technical dilemma.

I have moved house, no you can’t know where I live…because the media will then know. I am not having my family hounded by them again.

However I have a problem.

Mobile coverage.

I am currently with Telecom…and live in a black spot. 200m in any direction and I have full coverage but have no bars at all in most of the house, but out by the fence one bar, or upstairs. This is unacceptable. The network coverage map shows no 4G coverage, little or no 3G coverage nor any other sort of coverage. It is next to useless.

Is there a solution? I’m thinking no, and so have some choices to make. ?

Vodafone’s coverage has a similar hole, but the missus has a Vodafone account and her phone works well anywhere in the house…though only on one bar and from their network coverage maps appears to be only voice and precious little data. I can live with that though, as voice is most important to me. Vodafone’s much hyped 4G service is simply unavailable anywhere near my house.

Now the really problem.

2Degrees appears to have the best coverage, including what they call 3G Boosted, which appears to deliver slightly slower service than 4G.

The problem is though that 2Degrees saw fit to boycott my site and advertising, caving in to bullying and economic sabotage from a sanctimonious cretin from the hard left of NZ politics.

I can feel the bile rising in my throat even contemplating giving a single cent of business to 2 Degrees.

It leaves me with a dilemma.

What do readers think I should do? (And don’t say move, because that isn’t happening)