New Zealanders vote for Dirty Politics

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This campaign didn?t work out the way the left thought it would. They spent vast amounts of money and committed numerous crimes trying to prove National played politics the way it is meant to be played. Hard.

All the drama around Nicky Hager’s book did nothing.

Andrea Vance seems bitter:

So the Dirty Politics practitioners were spot-on. Nasty tactics do favour the Right.

In the grubbiest, most eye-bulgingly intense election campaign in living memory, National romped home.

Kim Dotcom’s millions were pissed away. New Zealanders saw these left wing scumbags for what they were and voted heavily against them. ?

Politics is dirty. The New Zealand voters shrugged their shoulders and said so what?

On a deeper level, New Zealand is like a small country town.

We don?t like outsiders telling us how we should behave.

We don?t like the local tin foil hat wearer saying people we know and trust are dodgy.

We are naturally suspicious of fast talking outsiders and our default position is to stick up for the people who are ours.

John Key is very much ours, and no amount of money or conspiracy theories from outsiders and tinfoil hat wearers was going to change our minds.


– Fairfax