Paid to Win – Coming soon


Simon Lusk Photo/ Supplied

Coming Soon from Whaleoil Media

Paid to Win

A Campaign Professional?s Guide to Campaigning in New Zealand

By Simon Lusk

Simon Lusk is New Zealand?s only full time professional political campaign manager. He is paid to win campaigns. This book is a guide for aspiring candidates and campaign managers outlining what works and what does not work in campaigns in New Zealand.

The book will be released for purchase via Amazon as a Kindle Book one chapter at a time. ? ?

The current chapter list is:

  1. Start with a Good Candidate
  2. Which Party?
  3. Candidate Preparation
  4. Analysis
  5. Strategy
  6. Fundraising
  7. Media
  8. Team
  9. Pressing the Flesh
  10. Promotional Materials
  11. Message
  12. Local Government Campaigns
  13. Third Party Campaigns
  14. Negative Campaigns
  15. Long Term Campaigns
  16. Goodwill
  17. Loyalty
  18. National Party Selections
  19. Stump Speech

Simon may be booked for paid media interview and events through the Whaleoil web site. He does not comment to the media without payment.