Proof the left wing don’t respect democracy

The left wing in New Zealand, ably assisted by a biased media have constantly harped on about Fiji holding elections, returning to democracy and doubting that Frank Bainimarama would even hold elections.

Well he has, they were free and fair and he won!

So what do they now say?

Malcolm Harbrow shows just exactly what the left wing actually thinks about democracy:

Fijians went to the polls yesterday in the first democratic elections in eight years. And with slightly more than half the ballots counted, it looks like they’ve given dictator Voreqe Bainimarama a clear majority. There’s been no allegations of fraud, so it looks like the result is the clear will of the Fijian people.

I’m appalled. I thought Fijians were better than that. Bainimarama seized power at gunpoint, silenced the media, and used intimidation, beatings and torture to retain power. And Fijians voted for him? I guess you get the government you deserve…

He sits there in Palmerston North demanding this and that and free and fair elections in Fiji…now they have done that he doesn;t like the result.

He still calls the elected Prime Minister a dictator.

Farrar isn’t much better either having a sly dig on the way through with his comments.

Neither of these fools have bothered to actually understand what has happened in Fiji.

Fiji can’t win against hostile numpties like this…nothing that Fiji does is ever better for them.

They ignore that it was Bainimarama removed a racist constitution and made all Fijians equal before the law, they ignore that he created an Independent Commission against Corruption (which New Zealand doesn’t have), they ignore that he created the Fiji Elections Office and an Independent Prosecution Service so that electoral law breaches will actually be actioned and people prosecuted (Another failure of New Zealand’s system) and they forget that free and fair election with no voter fraud have been conducted and the man returned as a popular Prime Minister.

Meanwhile Thailand has had another coup, installed a military junta to rule and Murray McCully hasn’t said boo.

New Zealand’s constant hypocrisy over Fiji sickens me. Fiji has delivered what was demanded and they still aren’t happy.


– No Right Turn, Kiwiblog