How to put positive spin on dreadful numbers

The NZ Herald has some new numbers from their polling that looks at some key demographics.

But watch how they spin the numbers.

A breakdown of the latest Herald Digipoll results according to gender, location and age shows where the parties are strongest and where they are gaining and losing ground.

Labour’s popularity with male voters has increased, with 21.2 per cent of men supporting it for the party vote, compared to 18.4 per cent last week.

The party’s support among women hasn’t changed much, with 27.8 per cent this week, compared to 28.9 per cent last week.

Those numbers are simply dreadful for Labour. As I said earlier in the week Labour’s internal polling was showing them with a one in front of it and it looks like Digipoll has found the same.

Sure it has increased to barely over 20% and in the territory of Bill English’s dreadful 2002 result. Even thenumbers for women are bad and lower than when David Shearer led Labour. The Herald spins this as positive…Labour’s popularity amongst men is rising…when it is around 20% it can only but rise! ?

National support among men has dropped since last week – from 57.4 per cent to 50.1 per cent – but it has increased its share of female voters from 43 per cent to 47.1 per cent.

Wow this shows how solid National’s support is…at or about 50% of the population, across both sexes, but this is somehow bad.

The Herald then looks at the numbers by region…and proclaims Labour is doing better in Auckland…better than what? The National party who enjoy over 50% support?

Labour has gained some ground in Auckland – it is up from 19.2 per cent last week to 24.3 per cent – but National continues to dominate in the city, with 55.6 per cent of the vote. In the rest of New Zealand its vote stands at 45.1 per cent, down from 48.1 per cent last week.


You can’t win the country with polling numbers that low, especially in Auckland. Again we see poll numbers with a one in the front of them. The major parties traditionally slip in polling int he final week…if Labour slips back into the teens they are finished…for at least two terms.


– NZ Herald