Saturday morning mailbag


There is a lot of faux noveau posers out there in MSM who call themselves journalists.

Many of them masquerading as paid PR hacks.

In my days in the media (albeit many years ago) they wouldn’t have got a job reporting the tennis club AGM let alone be let loose on anything that smacked of politics.

It was a given that a writer’s opinion didn’t shape the reportage; my crew were paid to report the facts not offer commentary; in fact those who had particular leanings were not assigned to stories that might lead to accusations of bias. Alas no more – it seems that MSM is awash with commentators posing as reporters.

With the rise of a legitimate commentariat there needs to be a strong distinction between thems that report and thems that opine. MSM hasn’t cottoned on to this yet.

Somewhere in the ether the concepts of “fair, accurate, timely”, and I must add lawful journalism have died.

Sometimes I disagree with your point of view but I still want to read it. I even read Trotter! All the naysayers and censors out there seem to have forgotten the principles of free speech, a fundamental pillar of what and who we are as a nation.

Don’t get too carried away with being legally declared a “journalist”. Despite the very slight protection of sources that it may give you, and bear in mind that is not absolute, stick at what you’re good at, being a ballsy commentator.

So …don’t let the bastards grind you down.


And thanks for taking the time to share that. ?It means more coming from an old pro.


Another one

Dear?Cameron Slater,

Excellent read . Fortunately I am retired as I am now addicted .

A bit sad that I did not read your blog earlier and its only the Nicky Hager issue that jolted me into reading it now . Something he would not be happy about .

Some observations;

It is interesting getting totally new news not reported elsewhere.

I realise that most?written?media and TV are quite vanilla?in their approach and certainly pander to what they perceive is a left of centre audience.

I think the NZ Herald is trying to be all things to all people on the one hand, but ready to celebrate with the winner when the race is over .The result is they stand for nothing .

The issues raised by Hager under the guise of??Investigative journalism?? should have propelled the media to investigate the role of Rawshark , crime , Dot Com , etc . Instead we get a salacious view of stolen emails etc .

Well done .


David, a lot of the left activists and their media stooges don’t like me. ?And others are threatened by me. ?It was a great opportunity to put the boot in to see if they could finally dispatch me.

In the process, they had to betray everything that they pretend to hold dear: ?their professionalism, their integrity, and their role to protect the greater public from ignorance and evil.

From their perspective, I am that evil.

And that’s how much they have lost their way.

They think that shutting down one guy with a blog is more important than to investigate and expose criminals.

They think that shutting down one guy with a blog is more important than to investigate and expose criminal conspiracy in our political system.

They think that shutting down one guy with a blog is more important than to protect their own readers’ and shareholders’ interests by writing good stories that the readers want to read and not what the journalists want to write.

This is going to get more tense before it gets better. ? The decent journalists, trained and skilled, are coming under all sort of scrutiny for their behaviour. ? Over the next few months we’ll discover that those that have held themselves up as?decent, trained and skilled are to face court and disciplinary sanctions due to the way they conducted journalism in this country.

The second shock wave of Dirty Politics isn’t political. ?It will devastate parts of the traditional media.

I’m not giving up. ?In fact, I am part of a group of people that are launching a new media company to go back to old fashioned values of reporting. ? And I’m also not giving up Whaleoil. ?This blog will remain irreverent, irritating, obnoxious and loud. ? It will continue to do what it has always done: ?ask uncomfortable questions, shine light into the shadows, and take down the liars, troughers and criminals whenever they cross our path.