No Sh*t Shylock will take no questions from “obsequious, sycophantic scumbags”


Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald

That rules the media out then.

We’ve seen Mr “Shylock” himself in trouble previously for his outspoken comments, and he is now on his final warning for this

The Labour Party’s Rangitata candidate, Steve Gibson, said yesterday he was “a bit tired of toeing the party line” which he said was “too respectful,” making a series of strongly-worded criticisms of the National Party.

Gibson said he was concerned about the “degradation of the public’s confidence in the democratic process by Judith Collins, Cameron Slater, Jason Ede and other rotten Shylocks”.

He claimed to have not known what Shylock meant the first time. ?He can’t claim that now. ?

Labour party leader David Cunliffe put Gibson “on a last chance” in August for insulting Prime Minister John Key on Facebook, where Gibson called Key “Shylock” and a “nasty little creep”.

Gibson had apologised for his earlier comments, but yesterday said his party was “not going to win by being Mr Soft-arse softly-softly”, and was prepared to “call it as I see it”.

Although he said the Labour Party’s “vote positive” campaign theme was sound, he was in favour of stronger opposition to the Government’s policies.

Gibson criticised the National Party’s planned education reforms, which include differentiating teachers’ pay levels based on their responsibilities, as “just idiocy”, and said the party looked like “a bunch of dicks” for proposing the policies despite unionised teachers’ official opposition.

He also believed the National Party was “a bunch of jerks” for comparing rural water pollution caused by dairy farms to urban water pollution in Christchurch. Gibson blamed water degradation on the Government’s replacement of elected Environment Canterbury officials with appointed “commissars”. “There’s very little democracy and it’s tilted toward the polluters,” he said.



– Timaru Herald