The story about Cunliffe and the Mana protester not yet told


David Cunliffe arrives at Manukau. ?Manukau is the country’s largest population of Maori and Pacific Island people. ?South Auckland, in other words. ?Once a Labour stronghold.

David arrives and he’s alone.

Nobody wants to be near him. ?

A protester manages to buttonhole him to the point police are asked to take him aside so that David Cunliffe can go and meet shoppers who are not there to meet him.

He is a pariah.

A buoyant Cunliffe has criss-crossed all over Auckland [yesterday], with mall visits to St Lukes and Sylvia Park as well as Manukau.

He also held a street corner meeting in Glen Innes, though no one but his supporters turned out, as well as giving a speech to party faithful in Panmure.

“It’s always a bit of everything on the campaign and that’s part of the of the beauty of politics in a democracy … I mean you’re talking about real people where they are and in Labour we get out and amongst our people…” Cunliffe said.

The media are the ones to keep the charade up as long as they possibly can. ?But the truth is that Cunliffe is a political corpse.

One thing is for sure: ?had the media truthfully reported the campaigns, this would be a totally different election.


– Michael Fox, Fairfax Media