Success is the best revenge.

the best revenge

When you are married to a unique individual like Cam who makes a strong impact you attract strong supporters and friends and opponents and enemies in equal measure. It used to be very difficult for me to read and hear the vitriol about Cam as well as the strong criticism.

Some wanted to draw me into the battle and would attempt to engage me by naming me and discussing me on their blogs. Others simply told lies about Cam which made me itch to defend him and myself.

The latest planned and highly co-ordinated attack on Cam and Whaleoil has involved many individuals. They want to destroy Whaleoil financially and to destroy Cameron Slater personally. To date they have not achieved their goal much to their surprise.

Revealing so called ‘ Dirty Politics ‘ by using Criminal Politics AND dirty politics to do so has not been the nuclear hit they expected.

I am left planning my revenge as I am not the forgiving type. Cam has been criticised for daring to say that he will pay back double.

‘ That is not fair,’ the Media screech. You should pay back proportionately.

Geez have these people never been to war before? We play to win not to draw in our little family. What is the point of a draw?

My plan is very simple. They want Cam silenced. They want to hurt Whaleoil financially. They want to destroy Cam’s reputation.

Success is our only option.


Despite the odds and the opposition Whaleoil has grown and grown.

Despite the character assassination Cameron is now a household name in New Zealand, his profile has never been higher.

As Media organisations are struggling to hold on to their readers and market share there is a New Media organisation on the horizon.

Our revenge is not going to be subtle. It is going to be hard hitting and painful.

I will not come out of the battle unscathed and neither will Cam.

It is however a battle that I am committed to and I will not be distracted from our goal.

Success is always the best revenge.