The left’s economic sabotage of Whaleoil – progess report


As you may recall, the left, through their attack blogs, have been systematically targeting advertisers on Whaleoil.

Among those that knee-jerked some reactions based on a very one-sided complaint (and without consulting with us), were Powershop and Flight Centre.

I’m happy to report that both of those companies have recommenced their advertising. ? This isn’t a sign they support us. ?Instead, it’s a sign that they will advertise wherever their customers are. ?And with a quarter of a million of you, their customers are Whaleoil readers too.

Keep in mind that Whaleoil?never called for a customer boycott on these companies. ?In fact, we only revealed Powershop as one of the companies involved until?after?they reversed their decision to block advertising.

So, any of you who took your business away from Powershop and/or Flight Centre, please take these developments into account when you do your business in future.

(and let’s face it, $159 per person one way to Sydney or Brizzy is a good start when you easily pay double to get to Queenstown)


We never really got stuck into Powershop, because they reversed their decision quickly (albeit in a very weasely way). ?Which is good, because as it turns out, at least half of the people involved in the right leaning blogs are already Powershop customers. ?In fact, David Farrar has been quite a vocal supporter of theirs. ? So I’m glad they also saw the error of politicising their business.

Please note that Whaleoil’s stance is that we don’t care who advertises here. ?Advertiser’s dollars are the same. ?That’s why you will have seen advertisements for Internet Mana, the Conservative Party and even the Green Party as well.

Amusingly, the Green Party said they have blocked their advertising, but they continued to run anyway. ?I guess a quarter of a million readers is just a silly amount of eyeballs to cut off when you’re trying to drive your “Love NZ” (but hate Whaleoil readers?) message.

Which leaves us with Pak ‘n Save – by extension Foodstuffs, and its subsidiary businesses.

Once again, I like to point out Whaleoil didn’t ask for a boycot. ?We asked for a clear statement by Pak ‘n Save and/or Foodstuffs if they were going to politicise their business by deciding to advertise on left blogs, but not on right blogs.

Hundreds of you ?have email, phoned and even made personal approaches to Pak ‘n Save, and none of you have reported to have received a single response.

Now, I understand their position. ?They’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. ?However, Powershop, Flight Centre, the Green Party and Internet Mana see past “Whaleoil” and see that our audience is?their customer base.

On that basis, I think that it’s now fair, after two weeks of total silence from Foodstuffs to us and all of you that have written in, phoned and talked in person, that Foodstuffs has dug in and this is now their official position by remaining completely silent on the matter.

Foodstuff doesn’t think your choice of reading material deserves their support, while readers of left leaning blogs do. ?As a result, you, as a customer of theirs, are now labelled as unworthy to be advertised to.

I believe companies should be free to take a political stance. ?They should not shy away from the response they get: ?there will be customers gained, and there will be customers lost. ? On that basis, I respect Foodstuff’s position, and will remind my readers at regular intervals that their business isn’t wanted because of where they choose to get their political information.



Ironically, I’m advertising for Pak ‘n Save every time I update you on this. ?Perhaps that’s their master plan?