And here was me thinking Hager would just bug me

David Farrar and I started a little personal meme when we toured the country in 2008 in the Blogmobile.

We would tell outrageous jokes and then finished them by saying “Sh*t, I hope that doesn’t come out in Nicky Hager’s next book, surely he is bugging us”.

Don;t believe me, go ask David. It is a joke we have continued to this day whenever we meet, or go out for dinner or ?are in groups of like minded individuals.

It was always considered a joke…that is until this latest book.

Who would have ever thought that NZ politics would be dragged into a nasty political conspiracy based off of News of the World hacking tactics of a private citizen?

Who would have thought that Nicky Hager would condemn legal and warranted spying by the state but write a book off of the result of illegal spying against a private citizen, and claim strangely that this was all justified?

And who would have thought the left wing would stoop so low as to break the law to achieve a political goal? It should really be no surprise though since most of the complaints to Police about breaches of electoral law are about the left , and to date not a single prosecution has arisen from those complaints.

What we are witnessing though is a concerted political conspiracy to defeat a government, not through better policy, or even election bribes, rather through criminal acts.

The framing of the releases, the manipulation of the media, the gloating and fore-warning by the political left of new hits to come all points to a politically inspired attack the likes of that never seen before.

Mike Williams said yesterday that this was like Watergate, it is an accusation the left have tried to stand up since this began, but it is an accusation that fails until you look at the real scandal here.

There is no doubt now that this is a political hit job. The selective releases, the one-sided narrative, all about things that were neither illegal nor wrong.

There are no releases of emails from disgruntled Labour MPs, or Facebook messages, or files. There are no releases of details of my charity work, donations of time and money to causes such as ADRA or YES. No releases of my disucssions regarding the campaign over Marriage Equality, where I worked with a cross party team to ensure that the legislation passed. No releases of my discussions with Green or NZ First MPs.

It has all been about trying to silence my friends and trying to destroy the government. ?

Claims that this isn’t politics and this is just because I am a prick are as hollow as Nicky Hager’s claim that he believes in freedom of speech and democracy.

This is about shutting down debate, shutting down political enemies and all through a massive breach of my privacy, with illegally stolen emails.

The media should think and look very carefully at the law regarding this…they are aiding and abetting a criminal, they continue to breach my privacy in ?way that if this data came from a government department would have them screeching about massive privacy breaches and private citizens at risk.

Because this is me though, they think nothing of it. They doorstep me at airports, they hound my family, they stand outside my friends houses…all based on smears, pre-packaged details and stolen goods.

They claim it is National playing dirty politics, but the reality is that there are none dirtier than the media and their bed-fellows on the left.

Our democracy and our elections are being hijacked by a criminal political conspiracy and the guardians of that democracy (the media) are part of it, enabling instead of holding to account.

They are a disgrace and the sooner they have proper competition the better.

Unfortunately the wheels of justice turn slowly and so it is likely they will have hijacked the election before anything legal or criminal is actioned.

I pity that the left have taken our politics in this direction.

I will not however bow down before political terrorism and illegal activity. I have done nothing wrong, nothing illegal and will continue the fight.

All those out there picking through my private emails stop and think for moment, especially those journalists who have communicated with me, where this ends…which is cameras on your doorstep, your wives, girlfriends and partners also under the gun for no other reason than some hacker decides you shouldn’t have any privacy?and more importantly you shouldn’t have a right to freedom of association and freedom of speech. You just happen to be the wrong side of a political argument from them and so you must be destroyed with foul means.

We must not give in to terrorism, we must confront it, and battle it and out it.

Sensible and reasonable media would do this, unfortunately they are complicit.

The same people who marched down Queen Street protesting government spying should be marching online decrying illegal private spying, instead they are celebrating it. It is sad they can’t see their hypocrisy.