Today’s Trivia




TONIGHT’S TODAY’S TRIVIA is brought to you by one of the Team, and they’re much tougher than I am. Not sure if you wanted to remain anonymous but I’ll leave it to you to reveal yourself and crown tonight’s winner if you want to.


NERF, of kids play guns and various cool toys fame is actually an acronym which means “Non-Expanding Recreational Foam”. (source)


Apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanide. (source)


Shirley Temple played the lead role in the film version of Heidi in 1937. (source)


The South Pole-Aitken basin, the largest crater on the moon, is over 13km deep and one of the largest craters known in our Solar System. (source)


There were 4 Mini’s used in kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie, three 1978 Mini 1000s, and one 1959 Mini. Only 2 were returned to NZ Motor Corporation after filming was complete.?(source)