Update on my cellphone coverage, solution found

On Saturday I wrote about the non-existent cellphone coverage I am experiencing and explored with my readers possible solutions.

My choices were:

  • Stay with Spark and get some sort of expensive booster thingy
  • Move to Vodafone, a company that I used to be with for 15 years and left because of poor service.
  • Move to 2Degrees that appeared on the surface to have better coverage, but using a company who had blacklisted me with their advertising.

The second and third options were as unpalatable as coughing a large amount of money for a repeater/booster thingy.

Still with 285,000 plus readers there was a marketing opportunity for an astute and fast moving company.

One company was fast moving.

Can you guess which? ?


A short time after I posted the article I was contacted by Chris Quin, Spark’s Chief Executive, Spark Home, Mobile and Business.

He was in Singapore which made the approach even more impressive.

He undertook to try to find a solution and asked for some contact numbers so his staff could call me.

Simultaneously I had two other people from Spark contact me via social media conduits to ask if they could help…then the people that Chris Quin had organised.

I was quietly impressed with the response.

Here was a company that valued me as a customer.

On Sunday I had a visit of one of Spark’s people with a brand new Cel-Fi RS2 which they installed in the house.

I now have 5 bars coverage in my office, and around the house.

I can now use my phone like it was intended…without having to stand in a small area of the house or out in the garden.

Spark has seriously exceeded my expectations of service for a mobile provider.

On top of that I can now safely avoid having to give a politically motivated company like 2Degrees any business.

In fact I think I will disable their ability to advertise to my readers. I?will never work with 2Degrees…in any way, shape or form.

For those of you out there considering moving your cellphone provider,?I can certainly recommend Spark.

They actually care about their customers.

Well done to Chris Quin, who is a proactive CEO, one who respects and values customers.

Now all I need to complete the circle is a sponsorship deal to show WOBH is powered by Spark!