What does Vote Positive mean?

Serious political watchers have been wondering what the hell Labour?s Vote Positive slogan means.

It basically means nothing at all and does little to motivate voters to vote for them. It is very unconventional as a slogan.

Vote Positive could be put down to Labour being dead set useless and coming up with a seriously dud slogan.?

Vote Positive only makes sense if it is linked to a negative campaign like Dirty Politics. Then it goes from being a dud slogan to something that makes sense.?

So Labour should come clean. Who in Labour knew about Dirty Politics before it was released? Why did they choose Vote Positive??

The bigger question is what did my old mate and tax dodger extraordinaire Matt McCarten have in selecting ?Vote Positive??

Matt is way too savvy to select such a dud slogan unless it had some hidden meaning that wasn?t apparent when the slogan was launched.?

Of course it could also be very misleading for the dimmer lightbulbs of our society who will go into the polling booth looking for the Positive party candidates and not find any…so vote Green instead.