Are you willing to play the Winston Peters Lottery?

Get used to it: ?Winston Peters will be part of the government come September 20.

The problem is, he won’t tell you which side he’ll back.

In fact, he’s just as likely to go with Labour. ?After all, they are operating an open chequebook election, whereas National is trying to come off as much more responsible.

If you want to boot the National Government out next Saturday why on earth would you vote for Winston Peters and NZ First?

On the other hand, if you want to keep National in power after the election, why would you opt for Peters and his party?

The truth is you wouldn’t.

If you want certainty Peters doesn’t come into it.

Voting for Peters is a big, blind, gamble: he won’t tell you what he plans to do.

He claims that’s up to voters to decide. Rubbish.

Only one person makes that decision, despite all his protestations – him.

If you vote Green you know you’re supporting a Labour-led government. If you vote Act or Conservative you are backing a National government.

But Peters is the only leader in this race who won’t reveal his intentions.

He has played these stupid, time-consuming mind games with voters since MMP began in 1996.

The only way to stop Peters from playing his games is if you stop playing yours. ?Stop thinking about how to be clever with your votes and spread them around ACT or Conservatives. ? The only way you can be sure that Winston Peters sits on the opposition benches for 3 years is to bring National’s vote in at about 47-48%.

If the Conservatives come in at 4.9%, you’ll be staring down a 50/50 chance of Winston going with Labour and enjoying three year of social and economic engineering that has seen no equal.

Are you a gambler?


– Duncan Garner,?The Dominion Post