For once I agree with Russel Norman

Don’t get upset, but Russel is right.  But he doesn’t go far enough.

The Prime Minister John Key says he won’t reveal the name given to him as the identity of the hacker known as Rawshark, and won’t pass it on to police.

“In the end if the individual who told me wants to tell the police they are welcome to do that,” Mr Key said at a media conference today.

In a new chapter in John Key: Portrait of a Prime Minister, devoted to this year’s election campaign, Mr Key is quoted as saying: “Someone phoned and told me who the hacker was, but other than having a look at this person, I thought, ‘Oh well … nothing will come of it. Life goes on’.”

Mr Key said today he had learned from the Teapot Tapes scandal in 2011.

“I could spend my life worrying about people who undertake activities to try to discredit the government but at the end of the day it doesn’t take you anywhere.”

Asked whether he thought the police should be focused on investigating potential identities of Rawshark rather than investigating journalist behind the “Dirty Politics” book, Nicky Hager, Mr Key said: “That’s a matter for them…

they run their own inquiries.”

But the fact that Mr Key knows who hacked Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater’s computer and produced the source material for Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics means the Prime Minister’s office and home should be searched by police investigating the matter, Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman says.

On that basis, we also need to search the offices and homes of (not a complete list)

  • David Fisher
  • Shayne Currie
  • Tim Murphy
  • Vikram Kumar
  • Laila Harre
  • Kim Dotcom
  • Pam Corkery
  • …and many others

And before Russel gets over-excited, I suspect it will get a lot closer to home before it gets anywhere near the National Party.

Let’s do it!   You’ve all seen mine, let’s see everyone else’s emails and documents.

Here is the absurd situation:  So far only John Key has publicly admitted to knowing who it is, while the people who also know who it is pretend not to.

I wonder why?   (Hint:  It’s not just the protection of media ‘sources’)


– NZ Herald


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  • Sym Gardiner

    If you go trawling around some of the discussion boards there are some serious hints being posted. NZ is such a small and leaky place.

    • cmm

      Why would one believe any such discussions (aka complete gossip) without some credible proof?

      The discussion boards are full of tinfoil hatters, with some credible people too.

      • Sym Gardiner

        Which is probably why JK isn’t offering up his gossip to the cops.

        • peterwn

          He will be relying on the Zinnerman telegram (WW1) principle. The Brits decyphered the telegram and needed to pass it to the Yanks. However the Brits did not want it known they had cracked the cypher. However the Brits had intercepted another copy of the telegram in a not so important cypher – they let it be known they had intercepted and cracked the latter.

          • Sym Gardiner

            Exactly. If he gets it from two sources he can release because he has plausible deniability either way.

  • island time

    Hager admitted to using the source for his book and said the person was an OK guy…or something like that. Hence it is obvious that the police will search his house etc trying to find out who it is. Key tells us he has been told who it is. Whether the information provided to him is correct or not is still to be determined. Its hardly cause to search his house etc. The two “admissions” are poles apart.

  • wanarunna

    I think, to be fair, that it is more correct to say that John Key only thinks he knows who it is, and that is only on the basis of what someone told him. I don’t think I have seen anything that suggests that John Key has been shown evidence that proves who rawshark is. There is a difference.

  • 1951

    I can’t help but think that Russel Norman has shown himself to be lower than low this week. Quietly watching the Labour Party disintegrate beside him whilst edging his profile bit by bit into their space is one thing. Then at the same time coming out with this suggestion for the police to search the Prime Minister’s home, says he has sunk to the bottom in my mind.

  • Macca

    Searching the PM’s office and home – what planet is Norman on?!!!!!!!

    The only time I will ever agree with Norman is when he makes the following statement;

    ‘It looks like I’ve done enough damage here in New Zealand, I’m a complete nutter so I’m heading back over to Aussie to re-join the Communist Party where I belong’!

  • caochladh

    But, does he really know for sure? Just because someone passed a name to him, can he really be 100% positive that it is correct. I get told all manner of “stuff” every day from what you would call captains of industry to the lady who cleans my office. I can say with 100% assurety that most of what I am told is either complete drivel, a figment of their imagination or has been so embellished, it bears no resemblance of the original truth.

    • rangitoto

      Yep. The police look for evidence not hearsay.

    • Platinum Fox

      Elementary logic: for me to know something is true, (1) it must be true and (2) I must have first hand evidence of the matter. Though I may believe something to be true, if I do not have first hand evidence then I cannot make the step from belief to knowledge.

  • cmm

    Norman is right!

    Well a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Dave_1924

    Look there is a fire in the PM’s house – go sort it out, all the while busily removing all trace of fire and smoke damage around his own home patch….

    tell me Russell did you visit KDC Mansion to disuade the big man entering the race because you knew what was coming and thought he was a potential distraction? Just asking a question……

    • 1951

      or…”Russell, when you visited The Mansion did you receive any form of encouragement/accept any form of payment, to help undermine our electoral system ie: act in a treasonous way?” If there is any suggestion of that, perhaps the Police should do a search of Russell’s house.

  • ex-JAFA

    Is Wussel unaware that a number of police *live* at Mr Key’s house?? And is he confusing conducting a raid with executing a search warrant?

    • Hedgehog

      Chances are they already know. PMs just playing with Wussel, like a cat with a rat.

      • kayaker

        You’re onto it!

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    Wouldn’t it be a surprise if it was all an inside job kicked off by a national mp trying to take John Key’s job and take down Whale Oil? Or even Colin Craig? Can’t say that certain conservatives don’t have ‘relations’ with the enemy.

  • Hedgehog

    Na. Nothing Wussel says is agreeable. He deserves zero oxygen at anytime!

  • Tom McKechnie

    John Key MAY know Rawsharks identity. Nicky Hager DOES know.
    For Russel Norman to suggest the NZ Police search the PM’s office & home is simply bizarre.

  • Mark Chapman

    And Wussel never did anything or had knowledge of anything that could be considered illegal in his life ? Sure Officer, I had a puff on that huge cannabis joint….but I didn’t inhale so what’s the problem ? ……. Glasshouses people.

  • Ross15

    Either Norman is a fool or he is getting very worried about the inquiry into Hager’s activities. Probably it is both.

  • kayaker

    One L Russel is creating a tar baby for himself.

  • Nechtan

    Russel is only MP still pushing this barrow in parliament. I am at a loss as to why.
    Is he donkey deep in the whole thing and he wants to shift the blame around, by muddying the waters?
    Does he genuinely believe Hager’s hypothesises and only National deal with bloggers and other media sources?
    The Greens were very conspicuous in their absence when Dirty Politics was released and let Labour MPs and the lefty media do all the dirty work, why start banging on now? Could be the Greens have no policies to present (or more usually oppose) and this is the only way Russel can get any airtime?

    • EveryWhichWayButLeft

      I think he’s setting up Labour for a massive hatchet job when the truth comes out…
      If he can put the boot in to Labour and kick them while they’re down, I think he fancies his chances of stealing their core support and maybe an MP or two.
      Then he can claim to be LOO and a ‘major’ party.

      It goes without saying that it will be an epic fail, like most of the things he does.

      • OneTrack

        Before he can be called the LOO, he has to start acting like it. And this pathetic gotcha politics he is playing doesn’t cut it.

        Policies, Russel, policies.

    • Who excuses themselves, accuses themselves

  • kayaker

    JK is smart. He’ll be flushing RN out. The more questions RN asks, the more sticky the tar baby. Then, one day, when he calculates the time is right JK will give RN an answer he just doesn’t want to hear. Boom!