Andrew Little is the first in Labour to admit Dotcom was poison

Andrew Little’s claims for the leadership just got a whole lot more credible with his claims that Labour should have distanced themselves sooner from Dotcom.

Which is telling, because it wasn’t pure coincidence that Labour’s election slogan was Vote Positive.

Andrew Little says voters wanted ?greater clarity? about Labour?s potential coalition partners and the party should have clearly spurned Internet-Mana

Interviewed on TV3’s The Nation, he said Labour shares ?a lot of things? with the Green Party, as well as New Zealand First.

?We shouldn’t have had anything to do with Internet Mana. We didn’t make that clear, and I think people were then a little bit suspicious of us,? Little said.

During the campaign, then Labour leader David Cunliffe said he would not allow Internet Mana into cabinet, but said he could work with Dotcom’s party in a broader coalition deal.

“New Zealanders looked at that whole thing. They didn’t like the idea of a very wealthy individual writing out a massive cheque, funding a campaign that was really about his self-interest and a bunch of other people signing up to it,” Little said. ?

“People were really uncomfortable with that.?And I think our failure to be a little bit clearer about that didn’t help us.”

Of course Labour didn’t mind getting a really large cheque from Owen Glenn, and then changed the law so no one else could get the same.

But it wasn’t just Dotcom’s self-interest, there was the self-interest of a cabal of political players, one of whom worked for Labour, that saw Dotcom used to fund an attempt to resuscitate the old crew from the Alliance and conspiring to bring down a government through illegal means.

When it all gets rumbled in coming weeks I think we will see the destruction, instead, of the left-wing of New Zealand. Politically bankrupt, intellectually bankrupt, unable to compete on idea and finally resorting to criminal acts in an attempt to effect change.

Whomever is Labour leader is going to have some questions to?answer.