Black flags and John Key’s mission to change to one [POLL]


We’re quite used to a black flag. ?Black defines us as a country. ??



Problem is…

Black flags used to be a bad thing


…and there are a bunch of people that have been given the black flag a bit of a negative context






Here is the flag as used by ISIS



Prime Minister John Key’s favoured design for a fresh flag is being compared to that used by brutal Islamic State militants.

Key, who is pushing for a referendum on a new flag next year, is known to favour a silver fern on a black background.

But Tom Burton, head of the Flags Society of Australia, said the design resembles the black and white banner of the Islamic State.

“A black flag doesn’t have good acceptance right now,” he said.

Key responded via a spokeswoman, saying “in terms of design for a new flag, again it will be for the people of New Zealand to have input into and decide”.

“It’s very early days in the process but any design issues will likely be taken into account by the steering group once it is established.”

Retired broadcaster Murray Deaker is a strong supporter of the silver fern. He laughed at the suggestion it might be mistaken for the IS colours. “That is the usual Aussie wind-up. They know that a black flag would be even more powerful. [The silver fern] is recognised worldwide as the symbol of our country, as something we have all taken huge pride in,” Deaker said.

Is the flag change going to be John Key’s attempt at a long lasting legacy? ?Is this just part of a marketing exercise?



Where are you at on the flag debate?


– Paul Easton, Simon Day, Sunday Star Times