Four years old but so accurate for today, Thomas Sewell on Global Warming and other causes

Author Thomas Sowell argues that public demand for intellectuals is largely manufactured by intellectuals themselves. He says intellectuals make alarming predictions using causes like global warming to create a need for their services.

Which brings us to New Zealand. ??

[A] paper on the New Zealand temperature record (NZTR) was accepted by the journal Environmental Modeling & Assessment. Submitted in 2013, we can only imagine the colossal peer-review hurdles that had to be overcome in gaining acceptance for a paper that refutes the national temperature record in a developed country. The mere fact of acceptance attests to a fundamental shift in scientific attitudes to climate change, but expect strident opposition to this paper.

The authors present first a concise observational history of the NZTR, remarking that the established national record was a product of early methodology, then reconstruct an homogenised dataset using the peer-reviewed adjustment standards of Rhoades & Salinger, 1993 (RS93).

A Reanalysis of Long-Term Surface Air Temperature Trends in New Zealand was produced by principal author C.R. de Freitas with M.O. Dedekind and B.E. Brill.


Detecting trends in climate is important in assessments of global change based on regional long-term data. Equally important is the reliability of the results that are widely used as a major input for a large number of societal design and planning purposes. New Zealand provides a rare long temperature time series in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is one of the longest continuous climate series available in the Southern Hemisphere Pacific. It is therefore important that this temperature dataset meets the highest quality control standards. New Zealand?s national record for the period 1909 to 2009 is analysed and the data homogenized. Current New Zealand century-long climatology based on 1981 methods produces a trend of 0.91 ?C per century. Our analysis, which uses updated measurement techniques and corrects for shelter-contaminated data, produces a trend of 0.28 ?C per century.
The authors describe their intention as: ?? to derive a modernized New Zealand Temperature Record (NZTR) providing a 100-year time series of mean monthly land surface temperature anomalies.? They claim to apply the method set out in RS93 exactly as described, ?without adjusting it in any way,? noting it has been the adjustment method of choice in New Zealand climatology for over two decades and ?we are unaware of any serious criticism or dispute regarding it.?

In the introduction, they make the point that ?on the face of it, New Zealand?s long-term mean temperature has remained relatively stable at 12.6 ?C over the past 150 years.? Which means that any new conclusion of warming must have solid grounds.

And we also see this in the health area, with people like Doug Sellman,?Boyd Swinburn, Rebecca Williams, Kevin Hague, ?and a plethora other health troughers and enablers who have ?produced alarming report after alarming report about potential imagined health outcomes ?in order to promote their research and their plans to control society through labelling, bans, taxes and anything else they dream up.

Take Williams for example who is today promoting prohibition over education in regards to alcohol consumption. I’d like to see her yell the crowd at a league match that see wants to take their Lion Red away.

?The suggestion we can educate our way out of this problem, while well intended, is naive and ill-informed.

?While good quality, well delivered education is important, studies show educational responses to reducing alcohol-related harm are ineffective, and cannot be relied upon to achieve the necessary social changes that would protect young people from alcohol-related harm.?

Williams says what actually works most effectively is reducing access to and availability of alcohol, increasing the price and restricting its promotion.

Riiiight, so education is the salvation of so many ills in society but not on alcohol…she is totally rejecting education…calling it “unethical”.

?Relying on educational approaches is effectively doing more of the same yet expecting a different result. It is unethical to simply educate young people and expect them to be responsible for their safety while at the same time failing to enact the measures we know will better protect them.

No doubt her children are smothered in a thick layer of cotton and duct taped with bubblewrap, and strap on cameras so she can monitor realtime their failed interactions with the real world.