Greenpeace blackmailers get gutless Lego to cave in


Greenpeace, like most left wing organisations, like to use blackmail to achieve their ends.

They sail around the world using oil products for their own ships, but have recently mounted a campaign to get Lego to cease producing toys in conjunction with Shell.

The sanctimonious hypocrites insist that kids shouldn’t play with Lego with Shell logos on them.

Like a lot of other companies who are blackmailed and threatened by activists like this, Lego caved. This won’t solve the problem, now Greenpeace will be emboldened to attack and destroy the brand of others.

Danish toymaker Lego has announced it won’t renew its long-standing contract with Shell following a viral Greenpeace campaign. ?

The group launched an online petition calling on Lego to end the partnership, followed by a YouTube video in July this year, depicting happy Lego characters and Arctic animals in their natural habitat.

However, the serenity of the scene is disrupted after a Shell platform begins drilling with a vast amount of oil covering the ocean until the animals disappear completely while a Lego character portraying a Shell executive smokes a cigar.

More than one million people have signed the campaign urging the company to “stop playing” with the oil major, according to Greenpeace.

The YouTube video, titled Lego: Everything is NOT awesome has received close to six million views.

Lego initially rejected the petition, arguing that the partnership gave children access to “inspirational” toys and insisted that the dispute between Greenpeace and Shell, which it accuses of polluting the environment, should be handed separately.

But the toymaker has bowed to pressure and won’t renew the contract. Lego currently sell its toys in 26 countries at petrol stations in a deal worth ?68 million.

Giving in to terrorists, and Greenpeace act like terrorists, never stops them…they get a win then they are back at it against another company.

If I had kids who still played?with Lego, I would now cease using their products because they are gutless cowards.

All Lego have done is give Greenpeace a high profile scalp.


– NZ Herald