Harden up Masterton!

The wowsers just keep winning :\ ? First the skinny shop dummies, now a pub sign.

Signage for a new bar owned by a licensing trust has been criticised for promoting irresponsible drinking.

The Wairarapa District Health Board decided at its meeting this week to complain about a sign for The Farriers Bar & Eatery saying “Beer up Masterton”, displayed prominently at the town’s northern entrance.

“It seemed quite an inappropriate message when we’re trying to change the drinking culture in our community . . . it’s a huge sign that’s very visible,” board member Janine Vollebregt said.

Other members agreed, saying they had fielded complaints from the public about the sign. One member said a Rotary club also planned to complain to Trust House, the community enterprise that owns The Farriers and which is majority-owned by the Masterton Licensing Trust.

Health board chairman Derek Milne said public health officials would be asked to speak to Trust House chief executive Allan Pollard about the sign.

Pollard said the trust was aware of concerns about the sign and would move it and change its wording within a fortnight.

Oh for crying out loud. ?It’s not illegal. ?It isn’t offensive. ?”Beer up” is just fine. ? What a spineless bunch. ?

It was designed by an Auckland “concept company” that had not understood sensitivities around drinking in a small provincial centre, he said.

Oh wow. ?”It’s Auckland’s fault”. ?Can this get any more provincial?

“Probably in Auckland you wouldn’t give that a second glance, but here it’s hit a nerve.”

You people need to harden up and take responsibility for being able to be different.

Pollard said the bar was proving popular, with turnover in the first two weeks roughly doubling what had been forecast and more than justifying the approximately $700,000 spent on the refit.

“Beer Here” – OK

“Beer Up” – Major society meltdown.


I challenge you to put a sign outside saying ?”Eat up!”

Surely that will encourage obesity?

I’m off to cool down for a bit now. ?What a bunch of ….


– Caleb Harris, The Dominion Post