Here’s an idea for Keith Locke…YOU go and tell ISIS in person that dialogue is the answer

Keith Locke reckons we should establish dialogue with a bunch of ranting, stone age killers.

I’m not kidding.

This is the same guy who thought Pol Pot was just misunderstood…and who jumped for joy when planes flew into the World Trade Centre during 9/11.

In April 1975 Locke wrote a lead article for ‘Socialist Action’ under the banner heading: “Cambodia Liberated: Victory For Humanity” The “liberators” were of course the Khmer Rouge led by the infamous Pol Pot.


When I first saw the planes fly into the towers I jumped for joy, I was so happy that at long last capitalism was under attack. Until, it suddenly dawned on me, what about all those poor pizza delivery boys, those poor firemen, those poor policemen, those poor lift-operators, all those poor cleaners, all those other poor workers who are forced to work for and were trying to save those greedy and horrible capitalists!? My heart and head was so confused – happy that some capitalists had been killed and very, very sad for all those who had died while working for them.

So excuse me if I don’t just scream at the NZ Herald for giving this guy a platform. On the plus side it is a shrinking platform.?

We need to have more faith in the Iraqi and Syrian people. Sunni tribal leaders may currently protect the Isis extremists because of the Iraqi government’s bad treatment of Sunnis and fear of what the extremist Shia militias could do to them.

But this will change. Extremist Isis ideology is not a good fit with traditional Sunni practices.

This doesn’t mean countries like New Zealand can’t do anything to help the Iraqi people. I see our role as twofold. Firstly, to provide humanitarian aid and to assist in the development of non-sectarian civic institutions. Secondly, to support any initiatives by Iraqis and their neighbours which help overcome community divisions and make the country more tolerant and democratic. Such an approach would be much better than New Zealand providing military assistance, which may only make matters worse.

Here’s an idea Keith, head over to Syria and go have a wee chat with ISIS yourself and explain to them that putting down the guns and having a wee chat is the answer to their issues.

If he did I suspect it would be Keith Locke kneeling in the sand reading out scripts decrying the capitalist and Western world just prior to his head being hacked off…while sad it would be ironic that the man who has spent his entire life hankering for the collapse of capitalism and celebrating every dictator and tyrants that fought the West had found his demise uttering the very words he had uttered his entire life.

Do not ever think that people like Keith Locke are essentially harmless…they aren’t. They enable tyrants and despots while undermining our society using the very tools of free speech that were hard fought for by people not at all like Keith Locke.

Keith Locke is deluded in that he actually thinks that sitting around and having a chat with head hackers will solve the issues. They will laugh in his face shortly before they hack his head from his neck.

The man disgusts me, but he remains free to speak…that is as it should be so we can hold him to account for the stupid things he says.



– NZ Herald, Not PC