The dog meat trade, and why it needs change

As a hunter and a carnivore myself, I don’t have a problem with the source of protein. ?Cultural differences can cause squeamishness. ?For example, horse meat is generally not seen as appropriate meat for those living here, whereas it is freely sold an eaten throughout Europe and nobody thinks twice about it.

The way the meat is raised and brought to the table is another issue altogether.

If you are squeamish – perhaps pass this story by.

It is using the film to encourage people to back a petition asking the Thai Government to stop the dog meat trade. It has already been signed by more than 423,000 people.

Addressed to General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister, the accompanying letter emphasises the danger of eating diseased dog meat and transporting unvaccinated animals, which can carry cholera and rabies.

It demands that the trade is stopped along with the serving of dog meat in restaurants, a ban on dog skin products and increased funding for rescue projects.

The National Legislative Assembly is currently considering Thailand?s first animal welfare bill, which does not illegalise dog meat.

I think we have to be careful not to impose our cultural values on other countries. ?But the animal abuse demonstrated here is something that needs to be dealt with by the Thai Government.

On that basis, some international pressure might help.

But the problem doesn’t appear to be the Thai people themselves

John Dalley, Vice President of the Soi Dog Foundation, said: ?Thai people do not consider dogs or cats as food.

?Some ethnic groups and foreign nationals working in Thailand do, but this is no excuse not to make the practice illegal in a country where the vast majority of its citizens find dog meat consumption abhorrent.

?By not specifically making the practice illegal it provides a huge loop hole for the traders to continue stealing and trading dogs.?

The trade in dogs for meat and skin in Thailand is often linked to organised gangs, who export it to Vietnam and China as well as selling within the country.


– The Independent