The land of the free?



First they came for our dogs and I said nothing because I didn’t have a dog.
Then they came for our cats and I said nothing because I didn’t like cats.
Then they came for our education system and I said nothing because I didn’t have children.
Then they imposed Sharia Law and I said nothing because I was a woman and my place was under a Burqa.



ATTENTION: You Can’t Walk Your Dog in Islamic Areas. Muslims Don’t Like Dogs.
We have all seen by now the hypocrisy of Muslims expecting everyone else to cater to their religious beliefs, while refusing to be considerate of others.

They are now taking their hatred of dogs, man’s best friend, to a whole new level. Just a few months ago in Saskatoon, Canada, Muslim taxi drivers started refusing to give rides to blind people because they had seeing-eye dogs, and dogs are “unclean animals” in Islam.

Bartlett Park in East London is a popular place for residents to walk their dogs. That is, until it was declared Muslim property. A sign went up saying, “Do not walk your dogs here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now.” Labour Member of Parliament Jim Fitzpatrick was alerted to the sign after someone noticed it while walking their dog. Police removed the offensive sign, but the investigation as to who hung it is still ongoing.

Who would have thought that the country that all my favourite Historical Romance novels and BBC costume dramas are set in would find itself in this predicament.

Local council says the sign is “alarming and divisive.” A spokesman for MP stated: “We want the people who put those signs up to be caught.”

The sign may have been removed but would you feel safe walking your dog in that area? Ever wonder if they behead dogs? It is like gang areas that people avoid. This is taking a country over by stealth instead of by war. Bit by bit rights are eroded. People do not speak up ‘ because it is only a small concession ‘ next thing it is Sharia law and it is too late.

This sign comes not long after reports of radical Muslims trying to enforce Sharia law in their neighborhoods, to the alarm of many residents. Hate preacher Anjem Choudary is reportedly behind the move for “Sharia neighborhoods.” He has said he plans to “flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the U.K. and put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term.” Adding that it is an “Islamic obligation upon Muslims everywhere to support the Jihad against those who fight Muslims anywhere in the world or who occupy Muslim land.”

Choudary is the founder of two banned Muslim groups in Britain. The groups were banned by the government after investigators found them to be terrorist organizations.


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  • Hughesy

    I’m OK with it if it’s just cats. But outraged about the dogs!

    These ongoing Islamic culture clash issues are appearing worldwide and aren’t limited to one geographical or cultural area.

    What’s the fix? Tolerance? But we know that Islam is not a tolerant religion.

    • The fix is the Chinese. They will sort them.
      In the end, there will be the Chinese… and Islam…

      • Hughesy

        I’m ok with Sun Tzu as well.

      • tjb

        In the end there was Chinese. Nothing else.

  • George

    This is not culture nor religion, it is the work of social bullies. As soon as “the authorities” recognise this and act accordingly then it will continue. The PC community are cowards not liberators.

  • Couldn’t happen here!

    • KeepLeft_VoteRight

      Really? Why not? I can think of a few parts of Auckland that now “belong” to one group or another. Very intimidating for a lady owner of say a jack russell, I feel pretty safe with my (well trained) labxstaff & labxhuntaway more or less anywhere and would seek out the muslims and would be walking the same way they were everytime

      • Tui moment comment?

  • If the people making these claims are immigrants, then this should be grounds for deportation. This is threatening and abusive behavior.


    This is indeed islam and 7th century culture compliments of mo. This report shocked me (feigned). Been slowly and openly happening for yrs! Amjam has loudly proclaimed the tenants of islam, most have dismissed him as ‘radical’. Nope! But that’s ok cause cats are safe, just not us! NS

  • Dave

    now here is a radical idea, if the “smaller groups”don’t like the rules and norms, rather than changing everything that everyone else likes and accepts, those minorities can more on. yunno, Fit in, or Fly out ……..

    • SNAFU

      just don’t hit any buildings on your way out.

  • cows4me

    I thought the people living in the city of London were some of the most watched people on the planet, surely someone was caught by big brother. Maybe it’s a case of turning a blind eye or political correctness, quite frankly the people of the UK are the makers of their own misfortune. This is a direct result of a population of morons voting for liberal governments and their warped world view, liberalism is a mental disorder. And to add insult to injury the citizens of this la la land have been neutered by the very politicians they voted for. They are now a defenceless society, easy pickings for Islamic scum and their fascist leanings.

    edit spelling again

    • Eyeknownothing

      You are spot on with this comment, being a Brit, it really saddens me, what has become of the UK. I used to think in the early years a civil war would happen to help to reinstate some kind of order, not any more, way way past that now.
      NZ take note… liberalism, polictal correctness and open slather multi culturalisim will be the downfall of this country. My suggestion to those people and supporters of such ideals, move to the UK, or any other Western European country, for that matter!

      • cows4me

        The sad thing is Eyeknownothing that politicians the world over are continually being told to look at what is happening in Europe but do they care? No they just arrogantly continue to throw the doors open to tens of thousands of Muslims believing they know better, it will of course come back to bite us all on the arse.

  • onelaw4all

    “Who would have thought that the country that all my favourite Historical Romance novels and BBC costume dramas are set in would find itself in this predicament.”

    Errm, Enoch Powell?

    • spanishbride

      Who? I grew up reading Georgette Heyer.
      I was named after one of the main characters in her novel ‘The Spanishbride ‘ because my Dad had read all of her books.

    • John Dodd

      Enoch Powell was the tipping point for my late dad. He realised Powell was on the button, between uncontrolled immigration and the loss of sovereignity by joining the then EEC he saw no future in England. It cost him 2 houses and a high position in the company he worked for. He never recovered financially but a small price to pay to upsticks and move to paradise

  • Skydog

    With this behavior, no wonder why North Canterbury is full of ex-pat Brits.

  • Huia

    I’m sorry but Sharia law is unclean, it is archaic, bullying at its finest, threatening and intolerant of anybody not of the Muslim belief, so don’t bring that into my area thankyou. Don’t build your darned Mosques with their towers and the racket they put out, I don’t want to listen to that, where is noise control? If you don’t like the way we live in MY country then please find somewhere else to live or you will find me being very intolerant, bullying and threatening as well.

  • mark14

    well I dont think a muslim posted that.

  • Archood

    Complete beat up of a story. Could easily have been put up by some xenophobic stirrer. Shouldn’t run a story like this unless the person who put up the sign was identified.

  • Nechtan

    Ok then, I’ll stop walking the dog, start walking my pig.
    Go for broke walk your pig while eating a bacon butty.

    No-ones religious beliefs supersede the common law rights of the western world. If thats a problem then go somewhere else where you can dictate what people can and can’t do (or dress, or eat, or say).

    • OneTrack

      But the progressives DO roll over for this stuff. Otherwise some one might call them …. racist.

      • Nechtan

        The last bullet left in the magazine, call them racist, homophobic or whatever because you’ve got nothing logical or sensible.

  • Max

    I have Muslim relatives living in England who had a dog as a pet and were very kind to it.
    Mind you they were half anglo.

  • LisaGinNZ

    Since when was England ever “the land of the free”… Dudes, that is USA’s saying.