Remember Josie? Yeah, the one that thought breast feeding was close to incest. She’s back

If you haven’t picked up on the “breastfeeding incest” story, go do that first. ?Then, cop a load of today’s installment of this one-woman troughing disaster:

d22e4Last week she sparked fury among mothers after saying breastfeeding was ‘vile and borderline incest’.

And now unemployed NHS scrounger Josie Cunnignham has revealed she will sell her breast milk in her latest cash-grabbing venture.

The unemployed mother-of-three, who made headlines after smugly revealing she had received a ?4,800 breast enlargement from the NHS, welcomed a daughter last month after flirting with the idea of selling tickets to her child’s birth.

In a bid to make money, the would-be glamour model has now revealed she will sell her breast milk to new mothers and men with ‘milk fetishes’ instead.

Defending her decision, she [said]?’My breasts are for my partner, not my child.’

Despite smoking and drinking throughout her pregnancy, she said she wanted to sell milk to new mothers for ?2 an ounce – and ?10 an ounce to men with ‘milk fetishes’.

‘I should be able to produce around 30ozs a day, that’s up ?300 a day or ?2100 a week,’ she added.

Miss Cunningham’s controversial pregnancy saw her offering tickets to strangers to watch her give birth, and announcing that she would quit smoking and drinking alcohol when she learned she was having a girl.

Before going into labour, she revealed she had been ‘fooled’ into thinking the father was a Premier League footballer.

Writing a lengthy post on Facebook, she said: ‘I feel so dirty, ashamed and devastated. I’ve been completely manipulated by a man for 18 months pretending to be a Premiership footballer.

‘I feel physically fooled by him and had sex with someone who claimed to be someone he wasn’t.

‘I let a conman put his hands on me, kiss me with his lips and fill my head with lies.’

The footballer she claimed to have been in a relationship with however lives with his girlfriend and, to the best of knowledge, has had no contact with Miss Cunningham.

Her latest comment about breastfeeding sparked outrage among mothers who slammed her view as ‘disgusting’ and ‘uneducated’.

When asked whether she would breastfeed her daughter like new mother Kimberly Walsh, she wrote: ‘No I’m not! I think the idea is vile and borderline incest!’

Three kids, on a benefit, boobs on the tax payer, and she keeps on keeping on.

– Mail Online