Silly mistake by Key

John Key is supposed to be a smart man, but he often makes silly mistakes.

The latest mistake he has made was probably at the behest of Steven Joyce and Bill English and is an act of petulance that will hurt him.

The caucus is already smarting about the promotion of 3 dead heads who have few friends in caucus ahead of other more capable ministerial prospects. With his nasty and un-necessary slight against Judith Collins he has just solidified that grumpiness.

Ex-Justice Minister Judith Collins is seething after she was delivered a humiliating snub by Prime Minister John Key, who has declined to recommend her for an official title.

Outgoing ministers are usually granted the right to use the honorific “The Honorable” for life, after a recommendation from the prime minister to the governor-general.

Last Wednesday, demoted courts minister Chester Borrows and retiring Maori Affairs minister Pita Sharples were added to the ??Roll of the Honourables.?? ?But Collins – who resigned in August over the Dirty Politics furore – is missing from the list.

Collins was upset and angry to be given the news by Fairfax Media. ??No-one has given me the decency to tell me that…I?m actually hurt and shocked.

??Frankly, that you are the first person to tell me, I have to say, you could knock me down with a feather…It?s appalling.??

Her fury was directed at Key: ??If you are the person that is charged with telling me this then that says an awful lot about the person that should be doing it, and I am utterly disgusted.??

If Richard Worth and Pansy Wong not to mention Winston Peters can keep their titles despite resigning in disgrace for the former two and lying to a Privileges Committee for the latter then it really shows that Key is acting on emotion rather than the brains he is renowned for.

If he didn’t remove Doug Graham’s titles and honours then why be so petulant for Judith Collins?

But for the life of me I can’t work out why he would do that because there is simply no upside for him, and all down side.

Starting off the term with an arrogant and petulant act like that is unbecoming and foreshadows ill-will dogging him in this term.

Constantly misleading people in caucus about their prospects then leaving them dangling doesn’t help either.

John Key would do well to remember that he has several people on his back bench now who are more than a little pissy with him and they, not David Seymour, or Te Ururoa Flavell or Peter Dunne are his majority.

This is an uncharacteristic mistake by Key and speaks more about the influence of Steven Joyce and Bill English than John Key.

Key has stated that RMA reform is one of his tasks this cycle, it would be a travesty if he couldn’t pass reforms because of his petulance and arrogance early on in the cycle…mind you, no hard feelings, right?


– Fairfax