Sledge of the Year?

Maybe I could do something like to Nicky Hager.

Or perhaps Steven Joyce might like to write a similar letter to Kim Dotcom.

This has to be the sledge of ?year.

Following Arron Banks’ donation of ?1 million, UKIP’s Party Treasurer Andrew Reid has written an Open Letter to The Rt Hon William Hague MP which can be read below:

Dear Mr Hague,

In the first instance I would like to thank you for your efforts in raising funds for the UKIP cause. It is clear to me that your fundraising ability deserves formal recognition and I would like to offer you the role of Deputy Treasurer on or before your forthcoming retirement from front bench politics.

However to do this, requires you to be a member of the Party, but in your case, as you have raised such a substantial sum for the party, I have spoken with Mr Farage and he has authorised me to offer you honorary membership in recognition of your efforts in securing funds for our party.?

I look forward to seeing you at many party events.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Reid
UKIP National Treasurer

The millionaire businessman Arron Banks had originally decided to donate ?100,000 to UKIP but following Mr Hague’s intervention this morning he increased it to ?1 million.

Mr Banks said: “I woke up this morning intending to donate ?100,000 to UKIP and I understand Mr Hague called me a nobody.

“So, in light of that and in view that I am a strong advocate of leaving the European Union, I have decided today to donate ?1 million to the party and not the ?100,000 we originally agreed.”