There will be a death for sure when the killer cows find out they have to wear nappies


Forget Killer Cows, you are going to see Homicidal, mad as all hell psychopathic cows when they get wind of plans for them to wear nappies in Bavaria.

The other farm animals will likely die from laughter.

Bavarian farmers are angry that their famous Alpine dairy cows will apparently have to wear nappies under European Union environmental laws.

Johann Huber, whose family has farmed on the mountain slopes of Gmund am Tegernsee for over 400 years, has begun putting home made nappies on his 18 diary cows to avoid falling foul of an EU fertiliser ban.

Mr Huber said that his cow Doris had behaved well when he fitted her with a home made bovine nappy to prevent her dropping cow pats on the Alpine slopes.

“We have no standard nappies, they have not been developed commercially yet,” he said.

The Bavarian farm union is protesting against the EU nitrates directive that, they claim, has led to a ban on fertilisers, or the manure left behind by their cows, on any mountain slope with a gradient of more than 15 per cent.

“We demand that the ban is stopped in Germany,” said Anton Kreitmair, the association’s president in Upper Bavaria.

“In Bavaria no fertilisation would be possible on half the cultivated land and restrictions would be needed on cows grazing in Alpine pastures.”

Farmers in breach of the EU nitrates directive face losing their European agricultural subsidies, a penalty that would drive Bavaria’s mountain farmers out of business.

The European Commission has denied the EU responsibility and pointed to how Germany has implemented the legislation.

The commission has begun legal action against Germany for failing to enforce the EU directive which restricts “land application of fertilisers to steeply sloping ground, to avoid leaching of nitrates and water pollution”.

“The nitrates directive does not foresee a ban on grazing animals on sloping land,” said a spokesman.

“Germany is revising its national nitrates action programme. However, it is not likely that the German authorities will propose any ban on grazing animals on sloping land.”

Loopy green taliban idiocy.



– The Telegraph