I bet Phillip Smith wishes he was back in Springhill prison about now

Quite apart from the fact that kiddy fiddlers aren’t that popular in jail no matter what country, you see even crims have ethics, I bet right now that Phillip Smith is wishing he hadn’t absconded from Springhill prison.

This is a video of what conditions are like in the prison he is currently resting up in.

I think he may soon wish he was back inside a comfy kiwi jail… ??

Meanwhile the NZ Herald takes ethics to a whole new level.

They get a comment from the owner of the hostel saying they are afraid and don;t want the name of the hostel known…and so the Herald publishes a map, the name of the hostel and the quote all in the same article.

Brazil Hostel - NZ Herald Fail


Next time a Herald journalist talks to you and assures you they will look after your interests and protect you remember this episode.