Chisholm Inquiry: NZ Herald undermined Adam Feeley

Yes here is a headline you won’t read in the NZ Herald.

I will let the report speak for itself.


I wonder what Tim Murphy and Shayne Currie have to say about that?

Not much I expect.

For years the Herald has used me for stories, some of which their journalists won awards for their investigations…chickens are coming home to roost and cosy duopoly in the media won’t mention the unmentionable…that their journalists are so bereft of any nouce that they had to rely on a blogger for their stories.

One thing is absolutely clear from the report is that the only people paid to undermine Adam Feeley were NZ Herald journalists.

Full report [pdf, 720k]


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  • Teletubby

    Am I correct in understanding here that the Herald was conspiring with and leaking to a controversial right wing attack blogger in order to control the message. Now that’s dirty news if ever I heard it

    • You are absolutely right…delicious irony don’t you think.

  • bjmarsh

    The Hon. Lester Chisolm says quite clearly that “The Herald …played a part in both efforts to undermine Mr Feeley.” He then goes on to imply that both the Herald and National Business News by further stories provided “…a more balanced view”, and as a result he did not pursue the matter any further for the purposes of the inquiry “…on the basis that these two publications were not in any true sense involved in efforts to undermine Mr Feeley. The Hon. Chisolm has left an ambiguity in these statements. The first is unequivical “The Herald played a part in both efforts to undermine Mr Feeley.” How can you say that, and then say on the other hand that “The Herald” was not in any true sense involved in any true sense involved in efforts to undermine Mr Feeley. A classic non sequitar, which should be clarified.

  • jude

    Why was there so much disfunction within the SFO that their own staff leaked at all?