David Cunliffe has credible competition for least charismatic party leader


It seems the British Labour party are having an even worse leader than Cunliffe was.

It’s a dilemma we all face ? do you give money to a homeless person or not?

For Ed Miliband, the awkwardness of that predicament was all too clear to see as he passed a beggar in Manchester yesterday.

On his way to deliver a speech, the Labour leader first passed the woman in a green headscarf.

Realising photographers were present, he doubled back. But in a toe-curling encounter, he failed even to make eye contact as he leant towards her… and appeared to drop just 2p (5 cents) into a cup.

Despite the intended act of kindness, Mr Miliband?s ham-fisted attempt sparked criticism on Twitter last night.

One tweeted about the politician, who earns more than ?130,000 a year: ?Real man of the people eh!?

Witnesses said Mr Miliband appeared to change his mind when he realised photographers were present. One said: ?Mr Miliband half walked past and then seemed to realise he was going to be photographed walking past a beggar and kind of doubled back.?

Oh dear oh dear. ?What an omnishambles. ?How could this get even worse?

Well… this way: ?

Last night a homeless man even claimed the beggar was not homeless but part of a gang of Romanian women who make up to ?50 a day.

It is another embarrassing incident for Mr Miliband following his attempt to eat a bacon sandwich earlier this year and his omission of the national deficit in his conference speech.

Yesterday?s incident also prompted debate over donations to beggars. Charity Crisis said it was a ?personal decision?, but some groups urge donations of food instead of cash. Labour-run Manchester City Council even asks residents to report begging to the police, so officers can give advice.

The Manchester Evening News said police later tweeted: ?It?s a crime under Vagrancy Act & we always urge public to donate to charities not beggars.?

Ed could do with “sorry” lessons from Cunliffe.

– Mail Online