Democrat issues = Labour issues

The Democrats got a pasting on Tuesday in?the?US mid-term elections.

Many of the reason they took a pasting are the same reason Labour took as pasting in our election.

The Daily Beast explains.

I?m not going where you (especially if you?re conservative) suspect I?m going with this?the standard liberal moan that working-class white people are voting against their interests. That?s something Democrats have to get out of their heads and stop saying. People don?t vote against their interests. They vote for their interests as they see them. And right now, working-class and blue-collar whites think the Democratic Party is just implacably against them.

Of course I don?t think it?s true that the Democratic Party is implacably against them. I think they just think the Democratic Party is implacably against them, and part of the reason?not the whole reason, but part of the reason?they think the Democratic Party is implacably against them is that Democratic candidates in red states have no idea how to tell them they?re on their side.

There was a time in NZ when working class voters were all members of unions.

Those times have past and yet Labour insists on pushing union agendas. Labour should have realised a long time ago that voters made a choice when given the opportunity of voluntary unionism…they chose to go alone. It is a choice that has been irreversible as unions (and labour) ceased to represent their interests.

This last election too shows that Maori and Pasifika peoples no longer see Labour as the be all and end all. Labour has treated them as a sure thing and now they want nothing to do with them.

National made big in roads into those areas.

Until Labour understand that the problem is them and not the voters then they will continue to slide.

Yuval Levin extends this belief that the Democrat party, and others on the left suffer from intellectual exhaustion.

For Democrats, the election should in part be a warning about their overwhelming intellectual exhaustion. They have very nearly nothing to say to or offer the country at this point, and their approach to politics has been reduced to little more than a series of tired rote gestures and slogans disconnected from the present and the future. The cupboard is bare and the energy is depleted. That is President Obama?s fault in part, but it is also the fault of the Left?s broader failure (shared in common with the Right to some extent of course) to think seriously about some basic realities of?21st-century America.

This exhaustion is powerfully evident in the Democrats? preparations for 2016, which at this point are astonishingly lacking in energy and intensity. The Democrats appear to have just one reasonably plausible presidential contender and may be embarking on an essentially uncontested and content-free primary in a non-incumbent year. This kind of extended yet empty process ? no excitement and no tussle, just the long, grim coronation march of an uninspiring leader whose followers dearly hope is in fact ?likable enough? ? could seriously exacerbate their problems.

And Andrew Little is Labour’s great white hope? Grant Robertson? David Parker?….you see the problem. Laobur can’t see it but the voters can.


– The Daily Beast, National Review