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Steffan Browning

Steffan Browning

Looks like the Co-leaders of the Greens have decided to take a leaf out of John Key’s book and have punished one of their MPs for having an opinion different to that of the party. Granted the opinion was Batshit CRAZY but isn’t that an entry requirement for the Greens?

It could have been worse. Imagine if he had been long time friends with someone like Martyn Martin Bradbury? Imagine if Martyn Martin Bradbury had his private e-mails and facebook chats stolen by a hacker. Imagine if the hacker thought that Bradbury was a nasty leftie weasel and handed the stolen e-mails over to Nicky Hager to publish in a book called ‘Ranty Spittle Politics.’ Imagine that in one of the e-mails Martyn Martin said to someone else that his dear close mate Steffan Browning was gunning for the Minister of Health because he was unhappy about the fact that the Minister had celebrated with his employees using stolen bottles of wine taken off a de -registered doctor.

Now THAT would cost him ALL his portfolios and would get him stripped of his position as a Cabinet minister wouldn’t it? ( hypothetically )


Green MP Steffan Browning has had his Natural Health Products portfolio removed after signing a petition calling for homeopathy to be used to contain Ebola.

Mr Browning signed the petition last month, calling on the World Health Organisation to embrace homeopathy as a remedy to cure Ebola.

He later said signing his name to the petition was “unwise” and he didn’t intend for it to go public on his Facebook page.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei today said the party supports “evidence based health policy”.

We wish to be very clear that we support the use of science and evidence when it comes to public health policy,” said Ms Turei.