So far so good for the GOP, plus 3 in the Senate

The Republican party already holds a large majority int eh house and in this midterm election was seeking to gain 6 seats to gain control of the Senate.

They are half way there as counting continues.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Races that could determine Senate control remain too close to call as incumbent Democrats try to fend off GOP challengers in North Carolina and, in a surprise addition to the battleground field, Virginia.

But Republicans have now picked up three of the six net seats needed to seize control of the Senate, with wins in Arkansas, South Dakota and West Virginia.

Democrats, meanwhile, held the New Hampshire Senate seat, depriving the GOP of a prime pickup opportunity.

In Arkansas, Rep. Tom Cotton beat incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor, the first incumbent to face defeat. In West Virginia, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito captured a seat the GOP hadn?t held in seven decades, beating Democrat Natalie Tennant. And in South Dakota, former Gov. Mike Rounds won a three-way race against Democrat Rick Weiland and independent Larry Pressler, a former Republican senator.

Like other Democrats, Mr. Pryor was weighed down by an unpopular president. He was also hampered by the shifting political views of his state, which may have no Democrats elected to statewide office for the first time since Reconstruction.

The first endangered Democrat to survive is New Hampshire?s Jeanne Shaheen, who fended off a challenge from Republican Scott Brown , the former Massachusetts senator.

With stakes at an all-time high for both political parties, Democrats and Republicans make an effort to get voters to polls. RNC?s Sean Spicer and DNC?s Mo Elleithee join Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty

The battle for the Senate also remains close in Georgia, where Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue are each trying to reach the 50% threshold to avoid a January runoff election.

The tightest contest in the country so far appears to be the Florida governor?s race, where former Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican Rick Scott are in a virtual tie with about a third of precincts reporting results, according to the Associated Press.

The results looks set to change the political landscape in washington.

The election could remake the political landscape for President Barack Obama in the last quarter of his presidency, reducing his room to maneuver but also potentially opening new areas for compromise.

A GOP takeover of the Senate would put Mr. McConnell in charge of an ascendant party finally able to pass conservative legislation after eight years of Democratic control and six years of playing defense against Mr. Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid .

And it looks like the GOP is set to increase its majority int he House as well.

Elections across the country also look likely to expand the House Republican majority, potentially to its largest size in decades. Also up for grabs are 36 governors? offices, around a third of which are seen as tossups.

Expanded GOP control of the House would give Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) a slightly larger pool of votes when working to pass legislation. However, the crop of incoming Republicans is expected to include a mix of tough conservatives and those more willing to heed guidance from leadership, increasing the challenge both Mr. McConnell and Mr. Boehner will face in trying to maneuver an often-fractious conference.

?Victory is in the air, we?re going to bring it home tomorrow night,? Mr. McConnell said at a closing rally Monday in Louisville. ?After six years of borrowing and taxing and spending and regulation, these people need to be stopped, and it starts tomorrow night.?

Maybe America’s Hope and Change president is getting some change.