The fundraiser… final score

You know I don’t do the soppy stuff.  So I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Life has been fairly tough for the last few months.  The amount of pressure my opponents have placed on me was substantial.  There were some dark days.

But as I climbed out of the other end of it with the support of my family and friends, one thing was not easy to solve – the legal bills were mounting up, and I was staring at whitling it down during 2015.

I never intended to put the begging bowl out, but one thing led to another, and now I’m glad I did.

A man of my caliber would never admit to shedding a tear.  But to get such tangible proof that I stand on the shoulders of thousands, tens of thousands of people is deeply humbling.  It isn’t easy to read the daily barrage of targeted hate.  Some of it does end up getting through, and doubt finds a small patch of fertile soil, no matter how much those close to you tell you otherwise.

To have my legal debts cleared is something I am very grateful for.  But what really hits me was to see the money roll in, and roll in so freely, it was real.  All those months of negativity, the small cuts and bruises leading to a little of self doubt here and there, they are all fixed now.

No words can express what you have achieved last week.

Thank you.  Thank you all.

As you have seen, to provide exact detail is always used by my (our) enemies against us, so we have been very careful not to mention specific amounts.  Yesterday we cleared all the debts, and as the final donations and payments for the polos and auctions come in, the final ‘overage’ will be around $4,000.

I’m leaving that in the account, because I’m still to return to court to have the judge award costs, and that’s likely to go against me to the tune of $5-$7k, so that $4k will be spent as it was intended – to clear my legal financial burden.

I’m surrounded by some great people, most of them go unnamed, but I like to thank Pete for cheerfully herding you lot about while I was head-down-bum-up in actual court related work.  When I can tear him away from posting cat videos, he can be really useful.


I just looked at the invoices on my desk again.  The ones I’ve been staring at for ages, wondering how I would ever get on top of them.  It is starting to sink in that they are now settled.

You people are awesome.


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  • Teeps

    Never underestimate the power of the people… Don’t ever be afraid to ask again Cam. We are all with you!

  • cod

    Ask and thou shalt recieve.

  • MaryLou

    Better than a shiny award, huh??

  • As someone with a bucket full of debt from a business failure, there is a part of me that wants to envy you, Cam, but when look at it objectively, even though this money was donated, you EARNED it. You earned it through 8 years of giving people something to read, watch or think about.

    You’ve provided a service, and if the level of donation is anything to go by, your ad revenue has failed to adequate compensate you. Your readers have made up the difference, and that is awesome.

    Relish the feeling, as I am sure it is amazing.

  • sarahmw

    The things that have gone on in recent times appalled me. No one seems answerable for it and that is what made us a bigger fan of this site. I love cats you dont and that is ok cause it is the bigger picture that we all are looking at. All the best to you and your strong family.

  • jude

    That is a relief to hear that your bills are covered. As has been suggested in the past, it would be useful to have that kiwi bank acct number visible beside the donate button, that way, when we can, we can top up the legal fund.
    Hopefully, the coming months will be less stressful for you and your family.
    Keep us all posted how things go with the court proceedings:)

    • Aucky

      Good idea about having a fighting fund account number available Jude. You can bet your bottom dollar that we haven’t seen the last of these dirty tactics.

    • chef01

      Great idea.

  • steve and monique

    Glad to hear all is covered, and with a bit of spare to help in the future. Cam, you, and the team have given us all somewhere to come, and laugh,cry,get angry, and have a rant, or a discussion when we feel like it. There is great value in that for all of us. Any time you need help again, be sure we will stand behind you. Keep up the good work.

  • SVlover

    So please to hear that good news Cam. I’ve gone all goose-pimply reading your post. Well done Team Oilers.

  • jcpry

    You are welcome Cam. I would venture to say that this was hard earned income for you rather than a begging bowl. This site is worth every penny. Keep the sunlight shining.

  • Greg Moore

    Where I come from we look after our mates. You’re a mate Cam, and that’s the way we roll.

    • chef01

      That’s true, mates help out mates, and Cam you are a mate.

    • burns_well_eh

      Good on ya mate!

  • armotur

    Happy to help Cam & the mighty WOBH Team. This is a great blog site, well worth supporting.

    I don’t think you can get a much more reliable measure of the support WOBH has than people volunteering parting with some hard earned cash.

    BOT # 576275.

  • Salad Dodger

    They need to realise they are not fighting just one man. There is an army behind you

  • Chris EM

    Amazing isn’t it? How software bots can raise so much money in so little time.

  • Woody

    Pleased to hear that that particular burden has been lifted so you are able to look forward on a much more positive note.
    In my case, you can thank H the horrible in some part as I was disgusted to see the begging bowl go out for him when he had no expenses that needed meeting and he already had a brimming bank account gained through the proceeds of crime. I wouldn’t have given him the smell from my socks so was pleased to be able to contribute when you finally asked for help.

    • Wendy

      Not to mention that he is independently wealthy.

  • Wendy

    A huge number of people greatly appreciate the work you do. Don’t let the toxic and vocal minority let you doubt it.

  • 40something

    Love conquers all.

  • Bobb

    Your new motto. illegitimum non carborundum.

  • la la land

    The way you have been treated in the media and elsewhere has been disgraceful. I was only too pleased to play a small part in helping you fight this. Kia kaha to you and your family.

  • I rarely give donations, however this cause seemed to me to be just. Pleased that the target was reached and you can look forward with confidence. I still can’t get over how the MSM mostly supported the hacker and Nicky Hager rather than Cam who was the victim of the crime.

  • Rachael Membery

    Added my 2 cents