Greenpeace ratbags get their beans from Spanish Navy

Greenpeace likes to protest but when things go wrong they turn into a whiny bunch of girls.

When one of the crew members ends up in the drink all they do is scream while it is the Navy blokes who get their kit off and dive in to rescue her.

It is astonishing that they tool up with cutters, grapples, helmets and safety gear and then wonder why they get sorted out by professionals.

Furthermore when they clearly are warned off approaching the drilling vessel they continue on. ??

What on earth did they expect.

Its all shits and giggles until something goes wrong.

Environmental organization Greenpeace on Saturday said that four of its activists were injured, one of them seriously, when Spain’s navy rammed into their dinghy during a protest off the Canary Islands. Greenpeace released video footage of the scenes, showing two collisions between its vessels and ones belonging to the Spanish authorities.

The Greenpeace boats were approaching a large oil drilling ship with a platform, belonging to energy company Repsol.

After the second collision, a woman can be heard crying for help from the water, before a diver on a naval vessel fetches her. Greenpeace identified the woman as a 23-year-old Italian activist, saying she suffered cuts and a broken leg.

Calling the incident “another reminder of the lengths governments will go to protect the oil industry from peaceful protesters,” Greenpeace said in its statement on the incident that the navy reacted violently, “deliberately ramming the boats and putting the lives of peaceful activists at risk.”

However, the navy instead said that it dispatched two boats from one of its ships to prevent Greenpeace from boarding a large oil drilling ship. The authorities said that the activist fell from her dinghy and suffered her injuries when she was hit by its propellers.

Greenpeace need to learnt hat they can’t disrupt legal activities with illegal activities that are tantamount to piracy on the high seas.