Not guilty, and indeed still Honourable (and some impertinent questions)

Here’s the report, for those of you who would like to have a read.



Inquiry report 24 November 2014

Allegations they were.  And that’s all they were.  The Hon Judith Collins, MP, is nothing more than the focal point of a smear campaign initiated by Kim Dotcom, and propagated by the willing soldiers in and around the Internet, Mana, Labour and Green parties.  These willing soldiers have clearly included Nicky Hager, various overt agitators in social media, and others still the be named as police investigations continue.

She stood down to clear her name.  She did.  She has.

It is time the focus goes on the people who have been slinging the mud, ironically accusing Collins of slinging mud.   And let us not forget certain media outlets that failed the balance test in this and many other related stories as they assumed the position of opposition, rather than reporters.  (No matter what we do, or what we say the polls don’t change” — Gallery journalist Katie Bradford)

Now that that is out of the way, the question is, who DID undermine SFO boss Adam Feeley?

This, from the report:


Ah, so the SFO was leaking to the media.  Let me clarify  the SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE (FRAUD, SERIOUS) was leaking to the media to undermine their own management.

Please note that these leaks went to media, namely, the NZ Herald and Whaleoil.



Question:  Why is it that Whaleoil is part of “Dirty Politics”, but the “NZ Herald” is neither held to account as part of Dirty Politics, or, indeed, Dirty Media?

The double standard that media has to either be in television broadcasting, radio broadcasting or a printed newspaper continues to be spun for all it is worth.

In fact, if you read the report, you’ll see that it names specific people within the Herald that don’t come out smelling of roses, yet the politicians and media at large chooses only to focus on Whaleoil.

We all know why.   They don’t actually fear the NZ Herald.


– Pete


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  • Whafe

    The NZ Herald is no longer even fit to wrap one’s fish n chips, let alone wrap up dog turds from the front lawn.

    • Dairy_Flat

      Correct. Decent fire starter in winter though. Got a free copy dropped on my desk yesterday morning and couldn’t be bothered even opening it. A rag.

      • Whafe

        I can’t even force myself to use the free copies to light the fire, proud that you can though, great stuff ;)

        • pisces8284 .

          How many trees gave their lives for that rubbish

  • It’s always in the last half that the All Blacks romp home and demonstrate why it’s always a game of two halves.

    The other side of “Dirty Politics” will be delicious with the details of not only how sanctimonious some have been, but also just how deep they’ve been whilst wailing tears of woe…

    Whale’s story will be much, much better than Hager’s attempt at profiteering from illegal activities and his invented angles and stories of what he thought he knew.

    Remember – Martin/Martyn thought he knew enough to even charge a monthly retainer and whilst in the roll of lapdog to KDC and Laila, right in the midst of all the mud flinging – they all still got it so wrong… they’ve only just figured out who will be Key’s next scalp.

    Bring on the real story… and lets see how dirty and nasty the political Left really are.

  • niggly

    Hey Cam, I heard your interview with Sean Plunket about the Goff/SIS issue – great to hear your perspective and good to hear you calling out the inaccuracies and mistruth’s being spun by Labour/Greens and repeated by the MSM over all this etc.

    In my view, in relation to this Judith Collins/SFO issue (and the Goff/SIS) issue, you should go onto the likes of Radio NZ and give your account.

    Because what’s happening when you don’t is, there is an “information vacuum” that is being filled by the Labour/Greens/MSM spinnring repeaters so that their points of view (and not yours) are being broadcast to the people.

    For example on the RNZ news this arvo Goff is constantly claimiming he is the victim of a smear being orchestrated by the PM and the likes of yourself. Sure total nonsense from Goff, but his lies are being repeated.

    So go live onto RNZ Checkpoint (you can handle them!) and slay them with the truth and a counter viewpoint. It seems only you have the power to shut fools like Goff up!

    One thing I notice about RNZ, sure they may not be perfect, but they always give the right of reply, so offer some good soundbites and they will quote you (like they do the Left)!

    • Mainstream Mike

      go onto the likes of Radio NZ

      Cam will never go on Radio NZ. He’s been consistent that RadioNZ needs to be shut down – why on earth would he undermine that position by appearing there?

  • 40something

    I’ve missed Judith Collins – she is a very able politician and a good minister but most of all a very smart lady. Hope they see sense and bring her back into cabinet.

  • Greg M

    Why do I get the feeling that some of the mud slingers, some in very high places, could be wearing stainless steel bracelets at some stage.
    And if not why not ?

  • Bruce Rayner

    Looking at the lets smear Judith Collins campaign, Pill Coff getting all santimonious and still telling lies, Andy little claiming hes got more info from the SIS than JK has, and the Green Slimies being against everything again its been quite an interesting day. Peter Williams on TV1 Breakfast news this morning asked Little why was he bringing all this [shit] up when everyone who was involved in it has gone?? Need more interviewers like this and get rid of likes of TV1’s Coran Dan who is so onesided he is pathetic. Unless of course he is on a ‘lets follow JK overseas” trip where he has to give a JK a little credit to maintain his ‘I am a neutral reporter” b****it and should be the reporter..
    We need more “Whale Oil” blogs. How about a headline
    Our very temporary mayor of New Plymouth has just stated in todays Daily News that all councils throughout NZ should have up to 50% Maori as councillors.
    Feelings are running very high on this, wouldnt matter if it was female, ureopeans or any group, this attacks the very core of democracy and all the various nationalities who fought, suffered and died in wars in past 100 years to protect this right for future generations

  • thomas loh

    OJ and Bain were found ‘not guilty’ as well. A lack of evidence could be due to the facebook being deleted as well as phone records. The reality is we will never know conclusively. Either way when you take her judgement in this matter, coupled with other affairs, such as Oravida, she has lost the trust of the non-partisan public and her own party from what I can see.

    • LesleyNZ

      I don’t think you can see too well. There is no comparison between Judith and David Bain and OJ. They were accused of murder.

      • thomas loh

        The point and your head. Two polar entities.

  • Think About It

    Your dear friend is calling you a liar Cameron. is she hanging you out to dry or are you to be rewarded later.