Is this idiot reading my emails?

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish seems to have hacked my emails.

He has a post about talking points for dealing with Andrew Little.

Time is of the essence now that Andrew Little has been confirmed as Labour?s new leader. You can?t afford to let him settle in, to be effective, to unite the various party factions. He needs to be sabotaged, and there?s no time to waste. It?s your job to run him down at every opportunity.

I have compiled a list of talking points for you to use on your blogs and other forms of media. This should save you from having to trawl through various other sites for mud to throw.

Gallery journalists and dime-a-dozen talking-head pundits: feel free to use as required for your columns and opinion pieces, in place of actual analysis.

Andrew Little talking points:

Beholden to union interests, no real public profile, couldn?t even win his electorate, a return to the bad old days of 1970s industrial relations, alarming hard-left agenda, unionist mates will be expecting payoff now, wonder what deals he?s made, anti-democratic, most members and caucus members wanted someone else as leader, unelectable, John Key will be relieved, dour and unlikeable, will further divide the party.

It might just be satire, but hell, you know what?

Those talking points are bang on accurate.

Andrew Little doesn’t have mandate to lead.

He was elected as a result of the union gerrymander.

He will be beholden to?the?unions, which these days means state sector unions since in the private sector voter chose not to join unions years ago.

The EPMU is one of Labour’s biggest donors, is this their pay off?

Or will we now see industrial relations policy that more resembles the Muldoonist era than modern 21st century workplaces?

On top of that Brian Edwards was right and John Key will be sniggering as he strokes Moonbeam behind the ears while he watches the news, that Labour has chosen a dour, unlikeable, short, angry man who speaks like Elmer Fudd.

I dare someone in the media to get Andrew Little to say this.

Be very, very quiet, I’m hunting rabbits.

Or perhaps they could get him to say “spirit of cooperation”.

But seriously, when has anyone suffering from Rhotacism ever lead anything?

I once went to a presentation of Business Intelligence software where the presenter suffered from rhotacism and decided in his presentation to show us how the software would work for a car company…selling Ferraris!

Either way Labour has elected Elmer Fudd or Barry Kripke as their leader.