I’m alive and have something to share

In case you hadn’t worked it out, today is my birthday.

On November 2 1968 I was born in Suva, Fiji.

This is the house where we lived…I took this photo in 2012 just before mum died. I showed it to her and she cried.


This was Mum and me in Suva in 1968:

Mum and Me at Statham Street

Mum and Me at Statham Street

So why am I showing you all this.

Because I am alive. 

I am shoving my continued existence in the face of those who sought to conspire to kill me in the past few months.


Yes, I am going to share with you what I have been dealing with.

You all thought Nicky Hager acted alone, in conjunction with a hacker. He didn’t.

There were many, many people involved in a planned and concerted conspiracy to attack me, attack my friends, attack my business and to bring down a government.

In due course the true story will be revealed and who was involved.

But one sinister aspect of the whole plot was that a core group of people who were deeply involved in the planning and dissemination of the hacked details had as one of their goals for me to experience so much pressure personally, and isolation and media scrutiny that they thought they could get me to kill myself….to “Do a Dawson”.

As I have been open about my mental health and battles with depression they saw that as a weakness that they could use against me to tip me over the edge.

The plotters involved politicians, party activists, bloggers, and in a couple of instances people who I once thought were friends. I know all the names, I will be coming for them.

This is not fanciful, this was real. They discussed it, they planned, they met and worked it all out…and some of the plotters got squeamish.

Some of those squeamish plotters have expressed their remorse to me privately, others simply ran in the other direction but continued to put pressure on, just not as part of the conspiracy.

Nevertheless they participated, and soon, very soon they are going to get famous in a way they won’t probably enjoy.

So while I was in Israel and real dangerous Hamas rockets were raining down upon my head there was a group of left wingers actually trying to kill me back here in New Zealand.

Meanwhile I am alive, I am kicking, and I will NOT let bastards from the left who think that way win in such a manner.

I will not give in, and I will most certainly not be killing myself.

What I will do however is start the fight back and I won’t rest until these people have stainless steel bracelets.

I began the fight back against the media, but that has come at a huge cost.

Nicky Hager has the same people who tried to kill me fronting fundraising efforts on his behalf. I chose to remain silent but I cannot any longer.

The bills from confronting the media were considerable. It cost more than $60,000. I have exhausted all my funds and now I need some help.

If just 100 of you dear readers contribute $500 to my legal fund then I can clear that up and look to moving forward against these scum.

I don’t want to receive the money directly, accordingly I have got the details of a solicitors trust account for you.

UPDATE 11:14 am 3 Nov 2014:  

The account details here have been withdrawn and will shortly be updated.
Keep your eye on a post that will be published shortly.

Update 12:21 pm: please click here for the updated account details


Any surplus funds will be applied into defeating the case before the Human Rights Review Tribunal who are seeking to fine me $50,000, the largest amount ever awarded against a person. The previous highest award was $40,000 against a doctor who revealed the private medical records of one of his famous patients.

The Human Rights Review tribunal is also the same organisation who stepped in to defend the privacy rights of a convicted pedophile and despite there being no suppression orders in place from his trial decided that there should be. They prosecuted the Sensible Sentencing Trust for revealing the details of this scumbag.

We need to stand up to crooks, frauds, bullies (both judicial and private) and challenge them. Unfortunately that takes money.

But just a little bit from each of you helps.

As I said I don’t want this myself, I want to establish a legal fighting fund so that I can hold these scumbags to account with private prosecutions. That includes Nicky Hager. He must be stopped from publishing books off of the back of crimes. This is the third time he has done it. He did it against Don Brash and the National party with The Hollow Men, he did it against private individuals who use legal trusts to protect their assets (just like him I must point out) and he has done it again with Dirty Politics against me, my friends and the National party. He is not a journalist, he is a sneaky purveyor of stolen property…and he must be held to account.

This has been bugging me for weeks since I found out, and now on my birthday as I celebrate another year alive sticking it to scumbags, ratbags and pinkos I just wanted to share with my loyal readers just what sort of scum I have to deal with.

These weren’t the actions of keyboard warriors issuing death threats like the ferals of the West Coast, these were calculated and planned actions designed to try to get me to kill myself. They went after my advertising, they went after my friends and they went after me.

If you own a business then perhaps you might like to show your disgust at their actions and attempts to blackmail advertisers by advertising with the blog so that we may remain strong and expand the team.

Well, today is my birthday, I am 46 years old and I am still alive, my blog is still here and I am coming for those responsible. I will reveal the real Dirty Politics.

The best revenge is living a life well.

I thank you all for your continued support, via email, via text, via phone calls, it all helps.

Cheers to you all


PS: I won’t be speaking to the NZ Herald, Radio NZ, Fairfax or anyone from Mediaworks…you bastards were all in on it..aiding and abetting.

I have a voice, I will speak through the blog.

As I said, today is my birthday, it is also the birthday of Michael Buffer…The guy who calls “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE” in the WWF…which really seems an appropriate way to end this post.


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  • SVlover

    Happy Birthday Cam. Go get ’em!

  • LesleyNZ

    Happy Birthday Cam – looks like it is going to be a GREAT day. It is true – time will tell ……………………………………………….

  • Just Mick

    Looking forward to the real Dirty Politics story.

  • TreeCrusher

    Happy birthday Cam, can’t do $500 sorry mate, but hopefully $50 will go some way….good luck!

  • Sally

    Happy Birthday. Hope those despicable people are made to pay for their horrible actions. Getting this off your chest will be the first step.
    Have a great day!
    ED Remember us Scorpios have a sting in our tails

  • kiwiinamerica

    Go hard Cam – never give up – hope it’s a great day today!!

  • Pluto

    Done. Keep up the good fight.

  • Builder

    Happy Birthday. Nice photos, your face as a baby is quite recognizable.

  • 1951

    Thank you for sharing it with us Cam. I think most here were aware of the pressure you were under and surmised it may have been a concerted attack but not to the extent you have laid out here. Know that we are behind you and to the end. When I get some dosh in you will be getting some. In the mean time have a damned good day.

  • chef01

    Happy birthday Cam hope you and the family have a great and blessed day.

  • JKV

    Shall donate what we can Cam. Have a great birthday and keep up the good work. Looking forward to the real Dirty Politics story. Suspected all along that this was going on behind the scenes. Loved the photo of you and your beloved mother.

  • Happy B Day Mr. Whale.
    Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, health and happiness.

  • Bruno 32

    Have a good day. Am very happy to contribute a share of the lefty inspired windfall from my meridian energy shares. So you can thank wussel for his failure to understand the law of unintended consequences.

  • steve and monique

    Happy Birthday Cam. Keep up the good work, we need more of your kind in this world.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Happy Bday Cam. Good on you for sticking it to these feral scum, I can’t wait for you to release the names of these people who hopefully are sweating at the moment over being named.
    I have donated a small amount that I can afford. Every little bit helps so they say. Good luck with the fight, we know you will win as you have truth on your side. Viva Le Whale

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Enjoy your special day. $50 going to the trust account. Many readers here and lots of small $50 will soon add up. It is our way of controlling karma which is coming to those who have tried to silence you

  • spanishbride

    I dedicate this poem to Cam on his birthday as it pretty much sums him up.
    A big thank you to every one for their support :)


    If you think you are beaten, you are,
    If you think that you dare not, you don’t,
    If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t,
    It’s almost certain you won’t.

    If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost,
    For out in the world you’ll find,
    Success begins with a fellow’s will,
    It’s all in the state of mind.

    If you think you are outclassed, you are,
    You’ve got to think high to rise,
    You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
    You can ever win a prize.

    Life’s battles don’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man,
    But soon or late the man who wins
    Is the man who thinks he can. –Walter D. Wintle

  • All_on_Red

    Happy Birthday Cam. Live long and prosper. When it comes to Hagar,I’m looking forward to seeing life imitating art.

  • Nebman

    Have a good one and remember if you can’t be good, be good at it!

  • Teeps

    Cam, I’ve been following the blog for the last year or so – don’t comment a lot unless I have something of value to say. However, I am digusted by the attempts of the low life scum who not only wanted to destroy your business but also attempt to mess with you and your family. Thats not on in my book. A disgrace. For that, I’ve gladly donated $500 to your cause. I’ve had enough of dirty politics… now its time to bring this sort of behaviour into the light and expose it…. people who were involved need to be held to account for the things they have done all in the name of destroying new media and OUR right to free speech.

    • Teeps

      Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday mate. Heres to another 46 years at least!

  • Nechtan

    Happy Birthday, have a great day. Its disgusting what these people are/have engaged in, bring them into the sunlight. You and SB stay strong.

  • OAP

    Happy Birthday. A donation on its way. Keep safe you & SB. Go get em, ” those fuzzy wuzzies don’t like it up em”

    • spanishbride

      Thank you for the smile I got when reading your quote from Dad’s Army.
      The other quote that I have relied on heavily during this ordeal is… Don’t Panic, don’t panic LOL

  • lightseed

    although articles aren’t the usual place for music video’s Cam, I feel this is an appropriate one for you.

    enjoy your birthday, but more than that, enjoy your family

  • jude

    Happy Birthday Cam .
    I am more than happy to donate to the legal fund. I hope you receive more than enough to cover those legal bills.
    Enough of us were incensed with the injustice of Hager profiting from crime., a donation will help us feel we are helping to fight back! Any donation will soon swell the fund!!

  • IntrinsicValue

    Happy birthday Cam. Keep shining the light. God bless.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    I wish I was in a position to help financially. This has gone way beyond even a political version of blood sport and isn’t just some entertaining reading anymore for people here. These people need their reputations destroyed so it doesn’t happen again, they clearly can’t win in a battle of ideas so have resorted to pathetic tactics and even failed at that. Crush them Cam and enjoy your birthday!

  • ozbob68

    Many happy returns Cam. You were born in Fiji? Another reason why Winston does not like you.

  • Bobb

    Happy birthday Cam. Will donate. Remember though, while you must and can, get these bastards, don’t let it poison your life. They are nothings and the best revenge always is to live well. That will REALLY piss em off.

  • sarahmw

    wishing you a happy day. Donated to your fund. The game is on!
    edit:removed amount donated.

  • Michelle

    Happy Birthday, weather is great so go and enjoy it

    will contribute what l can as we need people like you to stand up for us all

  • Chris EM

    Happy Birthday, Cam. God Bless.

    The wicked die and disappear,
    But the family of the godly stands firm.

  • MoggieManiac

    More than happy to help as I can.

    I like to think that all the money that has been donated to Hager is being held in trust for the payment he will be making to you in compensation. :-)

  • Wasapilot

    Happy birthday. $500 in the trust account from me and Mrs Wasapilot.

  • Watcher

    Happy birthday big guy.

  • Happy Birthday Cam. Nil illegitimi carborundum! A contribution on its way!

  • Ilovelife

    Happy Birthday! You were cute and your mother was beautiful. Donation on its way and huge thanks for all that you do.

  • Mrs_R

    Happy Birthday Cam. As a mother and a wife I know that when one of ‘mine’ comes under attack I go to war for them or with them. Sometime ago SB revealed her anger at those who were going after her family and I stated then that if she ever let me know the how and the when, then I would do my part to assist – money will go through tomorrow. Go hard, go smart and show no mercy.

  • kloyd0306


    Hi Cam – Same day but 18 years earlier. It’s no wonder that you agree with me so often!

    It’s not much but have donated a little to keep things ticking over.

    • spanishbride

      Happy Birthday Kloyd0306
      Always nice to meet a fellow Scorpio :) I am younger than Cam for 18 more days.

  • Captain Darling

    Happy birthday Cam, sounds like an interesting year ahead.

  • Lux

    Happy Happy Birthday Cam, I hope you have a Wonderfully Wonderful day!!

    • Wasapilot

      Please please tell us Lux that you have NOT baked a cake for Cam.

      • Lux

        I would not want to put him in hospital, he is far too busy :-)

  • Odd Ball

    Happy Birthday Cam, stay strong.

  • Intrigued

    Happy birthday Cam – contribution on its way from Mr and Mrs Intrigued. The many comments below echo my sentiments and have brought a lump to my throat! You have our support. Go get em and be victorious!

  • chwaga

    Happy birthday Cam..donation on its way.

  • Dave

    Happy birthday Cam, i will also assist, will send some funds next week, and rest assured there is increadible support for you and WO. The only reason they attack on so many fronts is you are under their skin, they are all worried. You are the only REAL voice of free speech in NZ, and we all need to support that.

  • Elephantitis of the nuts

    Happy birthday cam – it’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the dog with the biggest set & the most friends

  • Double D

    $500 done. Good luck with the fight Cam. Have followed your blog since 2008 but have always struggled with Disqus and have sat back and enjoyed the argie bargie. Like most here, love most of your work, but dont agree with all of it. Think your heart is in the right place and wish you well in your ambitions.

  • Best wishes, donation being made today. Keep fighting for fairness and justice, however always within the law. Then our support is guaranteed.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Happy birthday Cameron.

  • ozbob68

    Have just donated my alcohol budget for the month of November. This donation lark might actually do me some good too.

  • JoJo

    Happy Birthday Cam! Your blog is one of my first ports of call each day and sometimes the last before turning in for the night. This blog brings people together, those who are looking for the truth to the spin that the MSM spoon feed to us daily. Thanks for fighting for what is right on our behalf! Donation is on the way.

  • Neill Reid

    Happy birthday, Cam. Never give up, never surrender.

  • Jafarma

    $500 birthday present to be paid out tonight

  • Yellow Admiral

    I join with the other members of the WO family in wishing you a happy birthday. You have tremendous support from your followers. Keep up the good work.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    Happy birthday Cam. As a sufferer of depression as well i aplaud you. Give em hell!!

  • johcar

    Can’t afford $500, sorry – I have some big bills coming up too! However I have contributed what I can,

    I suspect this request for assistance will resonate with many people and Grove Darlow’s Trust account will be groaning (with pleasure) in very short measure…

  • jonesboy70

    Hi Cam, all the very best. Will donate what I can as your blog has really helped me see that there are others like me, An avid fan since Dirty Politics

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    The plotters involved politicians, party activists, bloggers, and in a
    couple of instances people who I once thought were friends. I know all
    the names, I will be coming for them.

    Cam would it be possible to provide a approx number of people so I can get my head around it without you having to provide names at this point so you retain your position of strength in bringing the scum to account.

    The US released a deck of cards for the most wanted in Iraq with Saddam being the Ace of Spades.You could give them nick names like Chemical Ali so your readers can follow you through your 47 year and beyond.How many cards would be in your deck.

    Happy Birthday


    • spanishbride

      I have a very special place in my heart for the person that this card refers to.
      The bullet holes are all mine LOL
      To be very clear I am not making a death threat. I do admit however that if I ever am unfortunate enough to meet this person face to face it is likely that I will tell him very politely to start running.
      Coward that he is I bet he will.
      I will call him DoubleM

      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        Thanks SB,It just ad’s to the intrigue and pleasure in following the movements as the Whale Oil Team bring these scum bags to account.I have added DoubleM to my deck of cards and look forward to many more.

        • Intrigued

          Ooh I’m intrigued! I have a theory as to who that might be but will await the reveal in the fullness I time. Notwithstanding and certainly not forgetting the appalling reality and seriousness of what we are dealing with here these scumbags and their monikers could become the subject of a great game akin to Cluedo….will be watching for more clues!

          • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

            That is the effect the deck of cards should have on you but more
            importantly it is the applied pressure over time on the scum bags that
            really matters. As you have nothing to hide the pressure will not break
            you down.It is not only politicians involved with dirty politics who use
            the media to create pressure the SFO do it all the time.Just like the
            SFO Cam now holds the deck of cards.

            You and I sitting in the bleachers just want to be able to follow the game.

          • Intrigued

            I agree and yet sitting in the bleachers is all we can do to follow the game as the identities of those who have plotted and schemed against Cam in this dirty politics saga can only be revealed in the fullness of time and in accordance with the law. It makes for a fascinating and compelling “game” (for want of a better word) to watch as an observer though. Ozbob68 posted earlier that a song being played when Cam was born was Carmina Burano O Fortuna and viewing Andre Rieu’s rendition with its long and torturous lead up to its powerful climax made me think this saga really has the makings of a film!

          • Deckboy

            And a book.

  • NotGandalf

    Many happy returns Cam, turns out I am only a few hours younger than you! I hope to be able to contribute something small in the next couple of weeks. The last three months have been an eye opener for me, WO started off as a guilty pleasure for me and now is an essential daily read. I often agree with many of your comments although I suspect we are very different people. Tom Petty’s ‘Wont Back Down’ comes to mind!
    New Zealand needs the voice and conscience of WO to counter the inept and unconscionable drivel being dished out too often by the MSM.
    Long may you shake the bastards up.

  • ozbob68

    Did you know there are websites that can tell you what was playing on the radio when you were born? I plugged Cam’s birthday into the machine and this is was was on,…

  • essiep

    Happy Birthday. $500 will go through tomorrow night.

  • Annie218

    A bit late in the day but a very happy birthday. Your mother was very beautiful and she would never want you to just roll over and give in.
    I have always had a great belief in karma and sometimes i have waited years, but it does happen.
    A great year awaits you.

  • Wendy

    I am so pleased you have said this and I am so pleased you have asked for help.

    There are a lot of people out here who are concerned for and about you, and about the vile nonsense that has been perpetrated against you and against our democracy. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Thank you for asking for our help.

  • 40something

    ’68 was a good year if I do say so myself – happy birthday. Will do what I can. Never under estimate someone born in the year of the monkey. Tenacious!

  • ShoreRight

    Hope you had a wonderful day , your mother was so beautiful. Donation on it’s way shortly – thank you for all you do , take care of yourself and your family .

  • Mags

    Happy Birthday. Donation from our family on the way.

  • Terry

    Many happy returns Cam – Unfortunately everything I’d ever worked for was taken away from me at the age of 52 so I fully understand your anger and desire for revenge. Sadly I will never be able to recover my land but would like to see the politicians responsible held accountable. Depression can be overcome by being positive and your writings are an inspiration to many, my first donation to WO made tonight – unfortunately only a fifth of what you requested.

  • anniem

    Happ y Birthday for yesterday. My $100 just deposited. Go get ’em.