Killer pedo scumbag out of cash and crying like a baby about it too

The killer pedo scumbag, currently having a holiday in a cockroach infested jail in Brazil, is upset because he is out of cash and can’t afford a lawyer.

Recaptured murderer Phillip Smith has had all his money confiscated, and his family and former business partner are refusing to stump up cash to pay for a lawyer.

Tony Ellis, who has represented Smith in New Zealand, has been trying to arrange a Brazilian lawyer to visit him in jail in Rio de Janeiro. But they all want payment upfront. One had asked for a business-class airfare to New Zealand to discuss the case, Ellis said.

When Smith, 40, fled from Auckland Airport on November 6, he told Customs officers he was carrying $10,600.

Whatever money he had when he was arrested nine days ago was confiscated, and was being held under a court order at the New Zealand embassy. It could not be released without court approval.

“It’s a catch 22,” Ellis said. “If he had given me any money, I could have gone over there and organised this, but I don’t have any money to do that.”

He approached Smith’s family yesterday to see if they could provide $2000 towards legal costs. However, a spokesman for the family said?they could not afford to help.

The spokesman said that he contacted Smith’s former business partner, Hawke’s Bay man David Edlin, to ask for help, but he had refused.

Oh keep on crying a river of tears…eventually the Green party will run to your aid, or some other crim hugging politician.

It looks like the poor fool might be stopping a while in Brazil’s worst jail.

He will appreciate Springhill Prison a whole lot more when he finally gets back….even Paremoremo will be a holiday camp compared to prison in Brazil.


– Fairfax