Am I the Koch substitute in NZ

It used to be the Exclusive Brethren, now it is me.

I am being demonised by the left wing just like the Koch brothers are demonised in the US.

But is it working?

The evidence of the election suggests that no one votes on my involvement in politics, and the whole Dirty Politics saga proves that.

Yet the Labour party and the Greens seem to be doubling down on the strategy of trying to demonise me.

How has that worked out in the US for the Democrats?

Democrats are doubling down on their attacks against the Koch brothers.

Prompted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats spent millions of dollars spotlighting Republican ties to the billionaire conservative megadonors Charles and David Koch. But despite Republicans ? and some Democrats ? publicly decrying the strategy after Tuesday?s GOP wave as an ineffective waste of money, Reid told allies on election night that he planned to continue hammering the brothers, according to an operative close to him.

And big-money liberal groups ranging from the Democrats? Senate campaign arm and House super PAC to the outfits run by billionaire Tom Steyer and conservative-turned-liberal enforcer David Brock all signaled that they intended to pursue anti-Koch spending and oppo tactics headed into the 2016 election. ?

Brock?s American Bridge outfit on Thursday began circulating a memo to senior Democratic congressional aides and big money groups making the case for redoubling the effort to make the Kochs into boogeymen.

Titled ?Dear Koch Brothers: We Aren?t Going Anywhere,? the memo, obtained by POLITICO from a source who received it, contends that the GOP takeover of the Senate makes it more important ? and potentially more effective ? to call attention to the Kochs? influence in the GOP.

?This will be easier now that they are in power,? Brock wrote. Citing polling showing that the Kochs ? who were relatively little known at the beginning of the midterms ? became more disliked as attacks from his group and its allies escalated, Brock said, ?Our efforts will continue, because the alternative ? staying quiet as these secretive billionaires pour hundreds of millions into politics to further their own bottom line ? is impossible. ? We?re going to dig deeper into their business in states that are key to 2016 ? at the presidential, Senate and gubernatorial levels.?

It all sounds very familiar, but without the billions to my name.

But here is the kicker…

Yet continuing the anti-Koch crusade is sure to irk some Democratic politicians and consultants, who grumbled ? mostly privately ? that money spent on the strategy was a waste of valuable resources.

?It?s utterly ineffective. Elections have to be about voters and what candidates will do for them,? said Thomas Mills, a North Carolina-based Democratic strategist who has worked on Senate campaigns. ?And this strategy is more about the candidates. It says, ?Look at me! Help me ? they are spending money against me.? There?s no connection between that and voters.?

Heh. Like the Koch brothers I am not going anywhere and the more effort that Labour and the Greens expend on me is effort that isn’t being expended in other areas.

The bottom line is this, I am a private citizen and I can do whatever I damn well please…within the bounds of the law.

Now if I could find a friendly Koch brother to fund me I could be so much more effective…oh hang on…


– Politico