Muslims trying to reform Islam from within are silenced by the left

After reading this I have had to revise my opinion on followers of Islam. Clearly there are those who want to reform it and ironically it is the West and the left who are preventing them from doing so. I still do not support an ideology dreamed up by a Pedophile but anyone that wants to try to drag it kicking and screaming out of the dark ages must have my support. A shark is still a shark and I don’t want to get into the water with it but anyone who wants to try to put a muzzle on it or try to teach it to be a vegetarian has my respect.

Why is criticism of Islam forbidden?

There is apparently no amount of mass murder, no number of innocents tortured or women raped, no amount of female degradation, no number of people enslaved, no number of Christians expelled from or murdered in the Middle East, no amount of Nazi-like Jew-hatred in its societies, no number of beheadings or even crucifixions, and no amount of terror that allows criticism of Islam.

And why is this?

A major Egyptian writer, Aly Salem, who has written 22 plays and 15 books, gave the answer in the Wall Street Journal this week.

His answer: The left.

“Many of my fellow Muslims are trying to reform Islam from within. Yet our voices are smothered in the West by Islamist apologists and their well-meaning but unwitting allies on the left. For instance, if you try to draw attention to the stark correlation between the rise of Islamic religiosity and regressive attitudes toward women, you’re labeled an Islamophobe.

“In America, other contemporary ideologies are routinely and openly debated in classrooms, newspapers, on talk shows and in living rooms. But Americans make an exception for Islamism. Criticism of the religion — even in abstraction — is conflated with bigotry toward Muslims. There is no public discourse, much less an ideological response, to Islamism, in academia or on Capitol Hill. …

My own experience as a Muslim in New York bears this out. Socially progressive, self-proclaimed liberals, who would denounce even the slightest injustice committed against women or minorities in America, are appalled when I express a similar criticism about my own community. …

“This is delusional thinking. Even as the world witnesses the barbarity of beheadings, habitual stoning and severe subjugation of women and minorities in the Muslim world, politicians and academics lecture that Islam is a ‘religion of peace.’ ”

Still from the film, The Stoning of Soraya, which was based on a true story.

Still from the film, The Stoning of Soraya, which was based on a true story.


Coincidentally, on the same day this article appeared, I had an hour-long dialogue on my radio show with another Muslim who made the identical point: that the left prevents honest discussion of Islam. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is not only a Muslim, but a believing and practicing one. Despite fatwas issued calling for his death, this courageous Muslim continues to work to fundamentally transform his religion. (It is worth recalling President Barack Obama’s famous pledge right before the 2008 election to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” If a Muslim wishes to fundamentally transform Islam, he is labeled an “Islamophobe,” but if an American wishes to fundamentally transform America, he is not considered an America-phobe; he is merely another Democrat.)

Jasser is a medical doctor who practices in Arizona. He is a Navy veteran who reminds people that America embodies better values than any Muslim country. He wants Muslims and Islam to adopt American political, social and moral values. He wants, in a nutshell, a Muslim Reformation.

Yet, aside from Fox News and talk radio, both of them conservative media, one rarely encounters Jasser on national radio or television. Instead the mainstream — that is, liberal — media feature Muslim spokesmen from organizations such as CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), apologists for Islam and Islamists.

None of this is about bigotry against Muslims. There are hundreds of millions of non-Islamist Muslims (an Islamist is a Muslim who seeks to impose Shariah on others), including many “cultural” or secular Muslims. And individual Muslims are risking their lives every day to provide the intelligence needed to forestall terror attacks in America and elsewhere.

-Eliyokim Cohen




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  • conwaycaptain

    And where is Tony Blair the Middle East Peace Envoy??? Another trendy leftie

  • Intrigued

    It is heartening to see that some within the Muslim community are brave and courageous enough to speak the truth about Islamic Shariah Law and call out the left for the extremist PC apologists that they are. But the fact remains that Islamists are extremely effective in inducing fear – and fear of fatwas – for daring to criticise Islam.
    We too are doomed to accept a future society filled with fear and subjugation to Shariah law even in our own country if we are not brave and courageous enough to stand up and criticise it for what it is.

    • MaryLou

      Maybe it’s just modern diplomacy, but I think there are different ways of effecting change, whether it be in a country, religious or cultural setting. I have (had) a friend who for all the right reasons felt the way to save the whales is to shame and hamper the Japanese into submission. They’re a proud people, and not likely to take well to that approach. Likewise, the Taleban by all reports are back in full swing in Halmund (not sure on spelling) province Afghanistan, which the Americans fought so hard to secure.

      I agree that standing up for our beliefs and culture is critically important, but there is the necessity of bringing “the people” along with you. Otherwise real change has not been effected, it just pushes the problem underground somewhat till something gives. So it needs to be two-fold – yes, stand up and say what you believe, but give equal weight to the efforts of those outlined above and create a situation where they can be heard. Because they are the ones who can create lasting change from within, rather than “outsiders” pronouncing what needs to be done. The worst outcome is for us to shame “non-Islamist” Muslims into silence by proclaiming that all Muslims are the same, so we are left with no voice but the radicals.

      Thank you for this article SB, we need to hear more about those working from within to effect some kind of change

      • spanishbride

        Thank you MaryLou for your wise comments. I admit I was heading down the track of seeing all Muslims as the problem. A wise person looks at the bigger picture and as you say the reformation has to come from within. We need to support those brave Muslims who are trying to do that. We can fight people and we can defeat people but we cannot kill an idea or ideology. Only those who are part of it can change it from within.

        I invite those Muslims now, the ones who want reformation and change to use the power of this blog to get their message out there. I will support you.

      • Intrigued

        Well said MaryLou. I agree with you wholeheartedly. The challenge will be enabling the enlightened and reformist Muslims themselves to have a voice within our media and the ability to bring the people along with them – protected from harm from the extremists within their own community. This kind of debate we are having and the articles SB and WO are sharing with us is part of raising awareness within our community so that we are informed and can challenge those who would silence us with their PC apologies.

  • MoggieManiac

    Well, to start with, the armaments industry wouldn’t want a peaceful Muslim/Islam community accepted in the world. Who would they sell their goods to if there weren’t ongoing wars and conflicts?

  • psyphon

    Muslims trying to reform are silenced by their own.

    Isn’t the “Arab Spring” about liberal Muslims reforming Islam?

    Look how that’s going, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain….it’s not the lefties that are repressing Muslim Change.

    Islam is so deeply flawed, has so many intractable problems, too many hopeless contradictions, they will be doomed forever to the unrelenting violence and hostility of their own religion.

    • MaryLou

      One could have said the same thing about Christianity at a hundred of different points in history, and even today there are crazies (unsurprisingly a fair few in America). The inquisition, the wholesale slaughter of the Templars, even within factions – Catholic, Protestant, Church of England, and many more. But a lot of our current justice system and other beliefs that we hold dear, have some basis in Christianity. The difference – on the whole, we’ve evolved our beliefs in direct correlation with our ability to afford better human rights. I’m pretty sure you’d find a link between a country’s beliefs and the basic standard of living – hard to be charitable or tolerant when you’ve no hope.

      Throw a dictator into the mix, and all bets are off. They’re only doomed once all voices are silenced – and although they’re hard to hear right now, I think western media does have to bear some responsibility for that. Reasonable voices just aren’t as dramatic as a beheading

      • Citizen

        The christian reforms took place in a world without technology, where superstition was rife…and education was fairly rare. In this day and age there’s really no excuse for those beliefs.

  • It seems to me at the moment that Islam is under going a similar process to the early stages of the Christian Reformation. Where the vast majority didn’t know what to think, a few radicals on both sides of the question were shouting at each other and stirring up volence between them. Unfortunately Islam is doing it in the full glare of the rest of the worlds spotlights. Giving them both an external threat and a demon that can distract both sides of the ongoing reformation. The Protestant reformation took about 300 years, so even under the accelorated schedule of modern life and media we will still be suffering it for a very long time yet.

    • MaryLou

      Thank you Damien – exactly my point, but you’ve said it so much more eloquently! The main thing we can do is hold true to our own beliefs and act on them, and ensure a mouthpiece for for the more reasonable but less dramatic thinkers.

  • David Moore

    Here’s the UK introducing new laws to impose even more restrictions on freedom of expression in the name of protecting minorities from criticism. Note this is, by the governments own admission, a new way to stop people doing things they disagree with regardless of the fact they have broken no laws.

    This is a fantastic tool for Islamic extremests. They can use it to silence opposition and if it’s pointed in their direction they will scream ‘islampobia’. Of course, the nature of these laws is that they are self-censoring and it’s very unlikely for anyone to use it that way. It’s far more likely to be used to silence things like this blog.

    All across the west freedoms are being rolled back. We will end up in a world where everything is illegal or banned and you can only act at the approval of the state. This is very 1984, everyone is a criminal and your existence & freedom is at the whim of the state, or more often these’s days, some obscure, opaque quango of minor lefties nominated by like thinking mates to run various grievance industries.

  • caochladh

    Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga who is the head of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association in the Hawkes Bay is reportedly counted in the five hundred most influential Muslims in the world. This idiot openly supports the murdering mongrel swine and preaches that Muslims will rule the world. A fine example of the enemy within.

  • cows4me

    Leftism is a mental disorder, without doubt. The left will be the downfall of the western world but this is after all what they want. When these arseholes speak of democracy, tolerance, caring and sharing and the rest of their rubbish it’s all lies.They are like the
    Islamists, it’s about control and power over others. I have no wish to dictate the lives of others, live and let live, not so with the left let them live as long as we tell them how to live.