Never mess with the NRA


The NRA is simply the best campaigning organisation in the world.

I joined the NRA for two reasons, first because they protect firearms owners, and secondly because I wanted to see how they campaign.

And when I say they are the best I mean it. They recently scored a more than 91% success rate in the mid-term elections in the US.

The biggest winner from the 2014-midterm elections is the NRA, which scored an astounding 91.2 percent win rate, according to the NRA.?

The Washington Examiner reports that the ?Northern Virginia-based lobby and education group spent about $35 million, more than in many past elections, and saw 229 of 251 candidates endorsed by the NRA and its NRA-Political Victory Fund win.?

?Our members came out in droves and voted for their rights and their freedom,? NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told Secrets. ?This was one of the most successful election cycles in a decade,? he added.

As examples of their big wins, Arulanadam pointed to the defeats of North Carolina senator Kay Hagan and Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor.? Both candidates received incredibly low grades from the NRA and were replaced by ?A? graded replacements.

Hagan lost her seat to Thom Tillis while Pryor lost to Representative Tom Cotton.

There is much an aspiring candidate or political party can learn from watching the nRA campaign, unfortunately there are those out there who wouldn’t even contemplate joining the NRA simply to learn…then there are people like me who will.


– Truth Revolt